Lingvist Mod Apk v2.104.6 Latest [Premium Unlocked] 2023

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Last Updated September 16, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Alternative App: Mathematics Mod Apk


Learning different languages is a fun skill. If you can speak other languages, you can communicate with people from different countries and easily socialize if you’re in a foreign state. 

However, learning languages is problematic because it includes fundamental knowledge from grammar to idioms, and you have to remember them to speak any language fluently. 

Lingvist Mod Apk can teach you any language you want. This app will guide you daily in your chosen language to make you a native speaker. 

Moreover, it has numerous language options so you can choose any one and stay learning them. Learning languages is tough, but this app has made it easy. Read till the end to learn all about this app. 

Lingvist Mod Apk

This app is introduced by Lingvist Technologies OÜ. It was released on May/13/2015 and was updated recently on 16 September 2022 with its new version 2.90.15. 

Furthermore, Lingvist Mod Apk is very useful for those who want to learn a new language or go abroad. You can choose from many languages to learn. 

Lingvist is an online educational app, and you can easily download it on any android version 5/0& up and other devices. It only takes 6.7 MB of storage from your device, so you don’t have to worry about storage space while downloading it. 

The Key Features of Lingvist Mod Apk 

  • Learn Online 
  • Various Languages 
  • Easy to Learn Guides 
  • Use for Free 
  • Track Your Progress 

What’s Inside the Mod? [Free Version] 

You can easily install this fantastic app from your app store for free. However, there are still many things that would need a subscription to unlock for you. But you don’t have to worry. 

Because we have a completely unlocked version of this game available for free, hence you don’t have to pay to unlock any content on the app and learn without any problem. Below is a small list of some of the mod features of Lingvist Mod Apk

  • Everything Unlocked 
  • Ads Are Removed 
  • Learn Numerous Languages 
  • All The Features Are Available 

The Spectacular Features of Lingvist Mod Apk 

Perfect Vocabulary 

Different languages expert creates all the lessons; therefore, it has perfect vocabulary and grammar. You can learn any language and speak it fluently with the help of expert teachers teaching you through this app. Learn with excellent vocabulary and grammar. 

Lingvist Mod Apk

Various Languages 

There are many different languages available that you can learn by Lingvist Mod Apk. Those languages include; Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, etc. You can try this app to earn any of your favourite dialects easily with fun. 

Get Results 

Keep a record of your progress. Lingvist Mod Apk will not only teach you different languages but also give you results on your progress. It will also provide you with feedback on every challenge you do, and it will also give you homework for the day. 

Lingvist Mod Apk

Easy-to-Learn Guides 

1000+ lessons in various languages can teach you good grammar and help you improve your speaking power quickly. All the lessons are accessible and are translated into your speech so you can understand them better. 

Daily Challenges 

There are daily challenges for you. Those challenges will help you learn new things like vocabulary and grammar, and it will be entertaining, too, so you will not lose interest. 

Furthermore, these challenges will include vocabulary games, spelling bee tasks, or visual tests that will enhance your language skills and have lots of fun. 

Read, Write, Speak & Listen 

Not only can you learn the language, but this app will teach you to read, write, speak and understand the language by listening. After completing a language course, you can read flawlessly, write perfectly and speak fluently. 

Use it Online 

You may need an internet connection to use some of its features; therefore, it is an online app. however you can download the dictionaries to translate any sentence while offline. You can also use some of its features offline. 

How to Use Lingvist Mod Apk? 

Learning languages is a challenging job, and you have to do a lot of hard work if you want to learn a new language. Along with hard work, you will also have to pay for tutors because you cannot remember any language alone. 

However, Lingvist Apk is a fantastic way of learning new languages because it teaches you to step by step vocabulary. Moreover, the app is straightforward, but you may not know about some of it. 

Therefore, we will tell you to read this context till the end. You can attend daily challenges to learn new things. Personalize content and keep track of your learning progress. Give tests and get results at the end of the lessons. 

Pro Tips to Use Lingvist Mod Apk 

  • Learn by visualizing pictures that will help you understand better and recognize the objects in the language you want to learn. 
  • You can also save dictionaries for offline use. Moreover, after downloading the glossary, you can also translate texts offline. 
  • Download the app from our website to use the premium features of this app without paying for them. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Can I Unlock the Premium Lessons for Free? 

A. Download the app from our website and enjoy free premium features with no ads and everything unlocked. 

2. Is The Mod Version Safe to Download? 

A. Yes, this mod version is very compatible with any of your devices. Moreover, it is also scanned by anti-virus software; therefore, you don’t have to worry while downloading it.

3. How Can I Keep My Progress Saved Forever?

A. Link to your Google or Facebook account and save all your learning progress in the app forever. 

Bottom Line 

Learning any language can be more complex and costly. However, Lingvist Mod Apk is here for you to teach you any language you want. With numerous different languages, this app has many ways for you to learn a new language while enjoying it. 

Many tests, challenges, and visual learning options enhance your speaking and reading power. So what at you waiting for? Download and have fun while learning a new language.

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