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If you like role-playing and simulation games, we highly recommend Mexican Party Mod Apk. It is an exciting cooking simulation game in which you learn about the culture of Mexico. The game moves around a hippo character, and the player will live his life in the game.

The gameplay and interface of this game are entertaining. We will discuss this game further in this article. And you will also learn about its Mod version, which gives the player unlimited new items for free.

Mexican Party Mod Apk

This is a Mexican-themed game in which the player has to play and interact with different animals like hippos, elephants, foxes, etc. The hippo has some friends coming over. You must help him make delicious Mexican food and decorate the party in the Mexican style.

There will be many tasks that the player has to complete in Mexican Party Mod Apk. And he can win exciting prizes if he completes those tasks successfully. This game can be an excellent activity for the kids too.

The Hot Features of Mexican Party Mod Apk

  • Easy to play game for everyone.
  • A unique storyline of Mexican Household.
  • Help the hippo organize the party in his house for all his friends.
  • Add different cuisines to your party menu and serve the people their orders and favourite Mexican dishes.
  • The theme is Mexican, and you must decorate your house similarly.
  • In Mexican Party, there are different tasks that you must complete to progress in the game.
  • He invited the whole town and his close friends to the party.
  • This game is available in 13 different languages.

What’s Inside the Mod [Pro Unlocked]

This game also has a Mod version created by some local developers. Mexican Party Mod Apk will provide its users what the original game charges for. There are many premium features that you can get for free in this game version. Some of the ultimate features you will be getting are:

  • Unlimited cash and coins.
  • Collect the reward without even watching the ad.
  • All the clothes are available to buy.
  • You can add any dish to your menu for the party.
  • You can skip the tutorial in the game.

The Great Features of Mexican Party Mod Apk

Unique Story

The game has a very unique and enjoyable storyline. The game’s theme is Mexican, and the player has to throw a Mexican theme party. There are many tasks and work he has to do. Decorate the house, send invites, make delicious food and serve it to the guests. This means the player will have a fun time playing this game.

Mexican Party Mod Apk

Multiple Characters

The player has to interact with multiple animal characters in Mexican Party Mod Apk. The main character who is managing this party is a hippo. Other than that, there are elephants, foxes, goats, raccoons, etc. You can assign them a specific task and let them work on organizing your party.

Mexican Party Mod Apk

Mexican Theme

The game follows the Mexican theme, and the gameplay is also in the same format. All the dishes, clothes, and decorations are in Mexican style. As most of the game’s players are kids, this will help them learn about a new culture. Shop in the market and look at what you find related to this theme.

Mexican Party Mod Apk

Beautiful Clothes

The player can customize his character in Mexican Party Mod Apk. There are different shops in the market you can visit there and buy any item you like. Following a Mexican theme, our clothes must be the same. Buy hats, shoes, jackets, glasses, and many more and look fabulous at your party.

Delicious Food

We are going to feed our guests with the best food possible. There are different cuisines options you can add to your party menu. Just make sure they are all Mexican food. You will also serve your guests their order and cook for them. You can learn to cook new dishes before the party starts too.

How to Use Mexican Party Mod Apk?

The original game is available on the Google Play Store for free. If you want the Mod, you can search for it on Google. Many results will appear before you download the Mod file from any of those sites and install the game on your device. There are no roots required, so your game will start immediately.

Pro Tips for Mexican Party Mod Apk

  • No sign-ups are required, so your game is ready to play instantly.
  • Buy any item with the unlimited cash you have.
  • Add new dishes to your menu.
  • Send invites to all the people so maximum show up at your party.
  • Dress in the Mexican theme and buy clothes from the market.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mexican Party Mod Apk Safe? 

A. The Mods are usually built by some local developer, so we suggest downloading the Mod file from a trusted site to ensure the safety of your personal data. Other than that, this Mod is entirely safe from any malware material.

2. Can I Play Mexican Party On iOS?

A. No, this game I only available for the android device and can only be installed from the Google Play Store. The developers still need to release a version for the iOS device or any other mobile device.

3. Is Mexican Party for Kids?

A. This game could be great entertainment for the kids, and they can also learn about the beautiful culture of Mexico. There are tasks for both boys and girls in this game.


If you want to play a great game also learn about Mexican culture Mexican Party Mod Apk will be the best option for you. It has all the items and qualities you might look for in a kid’s game. And your child can learn a lot from this game too. To install this game on your device, play it with your kids, and have fun.

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