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App Name Block Story Premium APK
Genre Role Playing
Size 80 Mb
Version v13.1.0
MOD Info Free
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Last Updated September 13, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Are you searching for the Block Story Premium APK? Block Story is an addictive game with a vast world.

You will get to explore the world of blocks and monsters where you can find adventures. You might meet some characters and enjoy the stories that happen around you, the hero.

You can change the world. You can fight monsters. You can find weapons. You can make things with crafting if you want to.

What Is Block Story Premium APK?

Block Story Premium APK
Block Story Premium APK

It is a game that is similar to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It will bring you to a world of blocks, and you can make items like ore, gold bars, coal with it. You can also create new blocks out of existing ones in the game.

The world in this video game is an endless place. You can do anything you want. If you compare this video game with another video game, it is more exciting and more beautiful. Start by exploring the world slowly to find out what is there. You can improve your abilities as you go on by making upgrades like digging faster, having a stronger sword, and getting more lives for your band members.

Block Story Premium APK: Overview

In this game, you can play with a trainee hero. You can explore the world of blocky objects and have fun. You can do whatever you want in this fully interactive world of RPG gameplay.

Explore the worlds filled with exciting and fabulous creatures. Defeat them to train your heroes as well as collect loots from your bad enemies. You can also explore the world around you for collectable resources and store them in your inventory.

It has many crafting and building options. You can create weapons, forts to defend your base, and magical artefacts.

Block Story Premium APK
Block Story Premium APK

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Features Of Block Story Premium APK

There are many Premium features that you can enjoy. These are the main ones:

Explore The Interactive World

It has a lot of things to do. You can find blocks, chop them down, dig deep in the earth, or take down monsters.

Not only will the Fire element in the game let you do lots of things, but it lets you explore a lot of different things, too. Plus, it is fun and satisfying to play the game.

Find Yourself With Exotic Creatures

You will find a lot of different places to explore. You will find the desert where you can see mountains and beaches. There are also many creatures there that are interesting. Therefore, if you love exploring, this game is perfect for you.

Supporting Characters

It is a game that people can play. There are many different characters, each with its own story. Whoever you choose to go on your adventure will help you out.

Discover several new exciting quests

It has quests that are interesting and exciting. You will not be bored when you play this game.

Ride on dragons and 29 other creatures

There are many different creatures in Block story that you can ride. You will want to explore them all because they have their skills and abilities too.

Create The World That Is Yours

You get the power of Block Story Premium APK with this game. It is an open world that lets you change it as much or little as you like at any time.

Infinite hours of RPG exploration gameplay

It has an endless world. Explore it, interact with all the different creatures in Block story and find out what is hidden in this game!

Interesting wonders

In this game, you can explore many wonders. You can also do this in a new game with lots of adventures. There is an interesting character who will teach you about the game too.

Train Your Heros To Earn Stats

In Block Story Premium, you can level up your heroes. Level them up to make them stronger. This will help you if your hero needs more strength and power.

Craft and forge your epic items.

You can equip your heroes with all kinds of interesting weapons and items. You can also create those items with the crafting and forging features in the game. You can make your great lighting swords, unlock the mystical staff, and so on.

The game has a lot of quests. These quests can give you special powers. You can use these powers to summon dragons, take down creatures that are hurting you, and gain advantages over your enemies.

Block Story Premium APK
Block Story Premium APK

Super Graphics

It has super graphics that make Block story unique. You can see every detail, just like in real life. Plus, the colours are vibrant too.

Great Music

It has a lot of different music. This includes adventure songs, battle songs and more. It also lets you play your music while exploring the world or fighting with enemies.

Free To Play

This game is free to play. You will not have to pay any money to enjoy Block story. Block story has a lot of good things that you can do without spending anything at all.

How To Download And Install The Block Story Premium APK?

  • Download the latest APK file from our given link
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Done


1. Does Block Story Premium APK have IAPs?

It does not require you to pay money for anything. You can explore the game world and play it as much or little as you like without spending any money on Block story items.

2. How much does Block Story Premium APK cost?

It is free and will not require any payment from you at all. You can download It without paying anything or spending money doing so. It’s one of the best games out there today because of this kind of freedom!

3. Is Block Story Premium APK safe?

It is safe to play games. Its developer has done so much work to make the game as safe for players as possible, including making it free of IAPs and viruses.


I hope Block Story Premium APK has been helpful. It is a free to play the game with no required payments or IAPs. It’s fun and full of quests that make it worth playing as often as you want! You can explore Block story forever since endless hours of RPG exploration gameplay in Block Story Premium APK.

[Unlimited Gems] Block Story Premium APK v13.1.0 Download

Install Block Story Premium APK [Unlimited Gems] RPG game. It is similar to Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can change the world. You can fight monsters.

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Operating System: Windows

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Download [Unlimited Gems] Block Story Premium APK v13.1.0 Download

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