Star Warfare Mod Apk [version] [Unlimited Money, God Mode]

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You have Star Warfare MOD APK, and you want to know how to install it? This blog post will teach you the basic installation process: how to download Star Warfare MOD APK, where it is located on your phone, what permissions it needs to work correctly, and finally, the installation process.


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Star Warfare MOD APK

What Is Star Warfare MOD APK?

It is a modification of Star Warfare: Alien Invasion to make the game more enjoyable. It was developed by Freyr Games and was released in April of 2017.

It has a lot of changes from the original Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, such as explosions being more detailed and realistic, new weapons to use that are very powerful like missiles which can destroy an entire fleet with one shot, different types of spacecraft fighters for you to choose your load-out on before battle.

You can also change the theme to be more Star Wars-like and many other minor changes.

Star Warfare MOD APK

Features Of Star Warfare MOD APK

There are many features Star Warfare MOD APK offers that make it different from other games.

Single-Player Mode

It offers a single-player mode with different challenges to complete.

Multiplayer Mode

It has an online multiplayer mode that allows you to play and battle other players worldwide!

Challenging AI

It has challenging Artificial Intelligence which makes it more fun for those who don’t have friends or family nearby but want to be still able to enjoy Star Wars-style gameplay. You can also set up battles against bots, so they are less complicated if your goal is to clear out levels as fast as possible without getting killed by enemy ships too often.

Highly Detailed Explosions

Star Warfare had detailed explosions before, but Star Warfare MOD APK makes them much more realistic.

New Weapons

It has new weapons that you can use, like missiles that can destroy an entire fleet with one shot!

Different Types Of Space Craft Fighters

It is all about different types of spacecraft fighters, so it offers different load-outs for your ships before battle, allowing you to choose what style you want or don’t want. You also get a free Star Fighter when starting the game, but there’s plenty of other choices as well.

Theme Changeable To Be More Like Star Wars

The theme in Star Warfare is cool, but it didn’t feel quite right being set up in outer space due to it not being Star Wars-themed. It allows you to change the theme to feel like Star Wars with different planets and levels for you to explore.

36 Single Player Levels

It has 36 single-player levels that you can complete and try to get all the achievements in.

Star Warfare MOD APK

Console Quality Battle

The games were always so much fun because they had awesome battles to fight, but the competition in Star Warfare was not as good. It improved the visuals and sound of Star War’s gameplay, making it feel like you’re playing an original Star Wars game on your computer!

No Ads And No Paywalls

Star Warfare doesn’t have any ads or paywalls for extra content that might be available with money. You get everything unlocked from downloading Star Warfare MOD APK without having to spend cash on anything.

Tons Of Gear And Unique Avatars

There is a lot of gear and Avatars that you can use to customize your character. Choose from different Starware, clothes, Boba Fett’s helmet, Darth Vader’s mask, or Stormtrooper armour, for example!

Earn more gold in team survival mode

The team survival mode was made to be longer, so it has more gold for you to earn in each match. Armour and bags specially designed for team battle Star Warfare MOD APK have armor and bags specially designed for team battles to make battles more engaging.

18 military bags with special functions

Eighteen military bags in Star Warfare MOD APK have different special functions, such as giving your team armor or making you invisible so no one can see you.

Seven maps and 42 levels

Star Warfare MOD APK has seven maps and 42 levels that you can play on.

Star Warfare MOD APK

Spectacular Star Wars Sound Effects

The game had cool sound effects, but Star Warfare didn’t have them at all, so they were added in the Star Warfare MOD APK game to make it feel more like a real Star War experience!

Awesome Graphics And Animations

Star Warfare MOD APK also gives players an excellent graphics and animation upgrade for battles, making everything look much better than before. It was made even more remarkable with custom explosions, lightsabers, ships destroying other ships, and laser beams flying through space.

How To Download the Star Warfare MOD APK?

  • Download the latest MOD APK from our site
  • Click on the downloaded APK
  • Allow installing from unknown sources
  • Install the app


1. Why should I get Star warfare Mod Apk from this site?

We’re not just any old place to download Star Warefare mod apk for free – we have many other features like all the latest updates and no ads or paywalls, which make it worth playing.

2. What is a Star Wars skin for Android?

Star Wars skins are different ways to customize your character, so they look more like their favorite hero! You need to download one through an outside source, and it will automatically be applied when Star Warfare launches next time. You don’t have to download anything else on our site if you want a free skin for Android.


I hope you enjoy Star Warfare MOD APK as much as I did and that this post helps you decide whether or not to download it. Now it’s your turn to take Star Warfare for a test drive.

If you doubt Star Warfare, ask me in the comments or on my social media page. I’m always happy to help out when it comes to Star Wars games and mods.

Star Warfare Mod Apk [version] [Unlimited Money, God Mode]

Star Warfare MOD APK : Alien Invasion, a game where you go to battle with very powerful like missiles & different types of spacecraft fighters and defete them.

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