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PowerDirector Mod Apk is a video editing software for Android, which allows you to create and publish high-quality videos with ease.


It lets you edit your videos in different styles, such as Power Director’s signature “film look” or Instagram’s popular “square format.” It features over 200 real-time effects that will help you quickly create stunning visuals.

It also includes tools for tracking shots, adding text and graphics to any scene, and creating beautiful transitions between scenes.

PowerDirector Mod Apk
PowerDirector Pro Apk

PowerDirector Mod Apk

It is a powerful video editing app that allows users to add special effects and filters. It also has chroma key features that will enable you to remove green screens, making it easier for beginners who aren’t used to using advanced apps like this one.

With the wide variety of video editing applications available in today’s market, there are none quite like PowerDirector for free Android and iOS devices.

This is because everyone who needs a smartphone-compatible app prefers CyberLink’s PC version: Power Director Pro. The only problem with this software is that it comes with adware; however, you can remove these watermarks by installing our FREE PowerDirector Mod Apk.

There is no watermark on Power Director Pro, and it has extra capabilities like chroma key, stickers, and transitions. The professional edition is paid, so you’ll need to pay for it if you wish to use it.

PowerDirector is an app that you can use to edit videos on your smartphone. You can add effects, multiple tracks, and more. It works quickly and gives you the quality of 4K.

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PowerDirector Mod Apk

PowerDirector Pro Apk

The latest version of the PowerDirector Mod Apk video editing application provides amazing features that have made it the top choice for all the video creators and have earned itself the Editor’s Choice Award.

With this particular application, all android users can easily enjoy and edit their amazing videos and also export them at the highest quality.

The tons of customizations that are present inside the application provide multiple editing materials to the user which is available free of cost and without any registration.

Apart from this, this particular application can also be used on a personal laptop or computer if the user does not have an android device. Feel free to capture loads of videos using your device and store them properly with the help of the endless customizations offered by this wonderful application.

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Features Of PowerDirector Mod Apk

There are many features, including Power Director’s signature “film look,” chroma key to remove green screens, and its’s proprietary color engine.

#1 Edit Background Of Any Video

PowerDirector Mod Apk lets you add your video or images as a background. You can even choose the colour and opacity, making Power Director’s chroma key more efficient.

You have over 200 effects that will help you quickly create stunning visuals with ease. The special effects include Power Director’s signature “film look,” chroma key, which helps remove green screen backgrounds, and its proprietary colour engine.

With this Apk, there are tools for tracking shots, adding text & graphics to any scene, and creating beautiful transitions between scenes. These powerful editing features help make it one of the best Android apps for video editing in 2021.

PowerDirector Mod Apk

#2 Hundreds Of Transition Effects

There are hundreds of transition effects that range from simple slides to more complex ones. You can use them to make your video more polished and professional.

It has a wide variety of transitions meaning that you can choose the style which suits you best, allowing you to create beautiful videos with ease.

It has a built-in option that allows you to change the speed of your videos. You can use this feature to add more drama and emotion, allowing Power Director’s slow motion and fast motion effects to make it one of the best Android apps for video editing.

#3 Reverse, Repeat & Replay

It has Reverse, Repeat, and Replay tools that help you transform standard footage into unique videos. You can use Power Director’s reverse tool to create suspenseful moments or bank robbery scenes that will captivate your audience.

This feature is a must for professionals who want to give their video an extra edge of uniqueness by adding suspenseful effects like car chase scenes as well as repetition features such as replaying the best part of your wedding proposals over and over again until all guests are satisfied with the result.

It lets you quickly turn photos into slideshows with Power Director’s slideshow maker function. This amazing software allows professional editors easy access to features like transition effects and advanced editing tools.

PowerDirector Mod Apk
PowerDirector Pro Apk Unlocked all feature

#4 Stop Motion, Freeze Frame, Zoom & Pan

It has Stop Motion, Freeze Frame, and Zoom & Pan effects to make videos slow-motion effects. Power Director’s stop motion feature is one of the best Android apps for video editing because it allows you to animate your photos to create unique moments and memorable scenes.

#5 Correct Fisheye Distortions

It has a lens correction function that straightens distorted images and corrects fisheye problems. It makes Power Director one of the best Android apps for video editing. It allows you to add unique effects like a barrel, fisheye, or vignette distortions to create visually stunning videos easily.

#6 Correct Color Distortion

It also has a color correction function that allows you to fix any problems with the colour of your videos. Power Director is one of the best Android apps for video editing in 2021 because it offers precise control over white balance, hue/saturation, and brightness, making it easy to achieve professional results like those used by movie professionals.

It also has a stabilization feature that allows you to eliminate the shaking and jitter found in handheld footage.

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PowerDirector Mod Apk

#7 Video Collage Designer

PowerDirector Pro Apk also allows you to add unique video collages, like picture-in-picture (PIP), side by side, and split-screen. It offers advanced compositing features that enable professional editors easy access to effects like PIP or AE/AF.

It also has customizable titles that allow you to add text and graphics to your footage easily. The app enables professional editors easy access to features like animated or static title overlays, built-in templates with dozens of editable styles, and advanced customization settings.

#8 Chroma Key Editing

PowerDirector Apk Mod edits chroma key footage, a green screen effect that allows you to place your subjects in any virtual environment. It has numerous unique effects like picture-in-picture, split-screen, and side-by-side, enabling professional editors easy access to special compositing tools such as wire removal or shadow overlays.

It also has a motion-tracking feature that let’s track the movement of your subject and then insert it into any scene you choose. The app has dozens of masking effects to help you create impressive chroma essential videos with ease.

#9 Easy Movie Making

One of the most premium features offered by the PowerDirector APK is movie-making on the go. This application provides a combination of movie shooting features that are present inside the application and can only be located by expert people.

If an ordinary person is using this application, then he or she can use these features just for fun and can only use the basic features as they will prove to be more than enough for the funny videos.

#10 Video Editor

Another powerful feature of this particular application is the photo-video editor. This feature provides various effects that can be applied to the video like the colour adjustments, rotation of the video screen, trimming of the videos, and at the same time applying sparkling effects to the video.

Even the multilingual recording can be done so that the video can be viewed by maximum people.

PowerDirector Mod Apk

#11 Video Effects

This particular feature helps the user in adding special video effects like the descriptive text in a video, the transitions in the video, dragging and dropping off the text, and at the same time incorporating the audio transitions for a smooth and better finish.

#12 High-Quality Videos

Another wonderful feature offered by the PowerDirector Mod APK is that after the video is completely edited and created, it can be downloaded in various quality formats and is also supported by the Chromebook wife for making it easier to synchronize everything present.

Mod Features Of PowerDirector Apk

Many other features allow you to create clips with slow-motion effects, correct fisheye distortions and add titles over your footage.

It also has a masking feature that allows professional editors easy access to special compositing tools such as wire removal or shadow overlays.

#1 No Watermark

The best feature of a modified version is that watermarks are removed. When we edit videos, there’s always an annoying and unnecessary watermark on the bottom corner. This can easily be fixed by downloading any Video or Photo Editing App from PowerDirector MOD Apk, which lets you remove WaterMark for free without spending money.

#2 Ads-Free

Another fantastic feature is that the app has no advertisements. Ads can be annoying when we edit videos, and PowerDirector MOD Apk offers the best solution for this problem by removing them completely! No more distractions while you’re editing your projects – just pure video-editing fun.

PowerDirector Mod Apk

#3 Export Videos In 4K

With PowerDirector Pro Apk, you can export your videos in full HD and even in Ultra HD, the highest quality possible. It means that we get to save our memories forever without losing any details – just pure video-editing fun.

#4 All Premium Features Unlocked

You may get essential functions unlocked when you download the PowerDirector from the Play store to your Android phone. If you want to use those capabilities, you have two options: pay money or download the PowerDirector Mod Apk. If you had to spend money, you aren’t reading this post, so grab the PowerDirector MOD Apk and take advantage of all of the Unlocked Features for free.

PowerDirector Mod Apk
Images Of PowerDirector Pro Apk


There are some common questions asked about PowerDirector Apk that are answered below.

1. Is PowerDirector Pro free?

No, the app is not entirely free, and you have to pay money to get access to all of its premium features.

2. What’s PowerDirector Mod Apk For Android mean?

PowerDirector for Android has some modified features that let us remove watermarks or ads without spending any additional money to enjoy every single feature – download the Power Director mod Apk file on your phone.

3. How do I get PowerDirector Pro for free on Android?

You can download the Pro app for free on your Android phone by clicking the download button below.

4. Which is better, KineMaster or PowerDirector?

PowerDirector is a powerful software for editing videos. It is for professionals. KineMaster is also a video editing app, but it’s not as good at editing because it has as many features. It was only made for iOS and Android devices.


I hope you have enjoyed PowerDirector Pro Apk. It is a perfect video editing app that has all the premium features unlocked for free! Power Director MOD Apk is available on Android and iOS devices, so grab it now to edit your videos as professionals do.

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Download Download PowerDirector Mod APK for Free [100% Working]

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