Hey guys! Here, we are providing you Power Shade Pro Apk! Wondering that what this app is all about? So, the first thing you check on your phone is Notification. Right? Then you open that app (if that thing is interesting). Correct?

Wonder! You can reply or check that notification fully without opening the related app, or you can customize the titles in your notification panel. All these things are possible by just one app, so just be with us till the last line to know about this amazing Power Shade Pro Apk.

One more thing, you land in Puremodapk, here you can find the best and latest moded application and Moded Games. so In this post, I am going to talk about Power Shade Pro Apk, guys with the help of this application you can change your notification panel. If you want to this application so Download Power Sade Pro Apk

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Power Shade Pro Apk

Power Shade Pro Apk is a notification panel customizer through which you can customize your panel just like you want. It provides you a number of options or settings to transform your notification panel’ every single detail in a more effective way.

You can choose whatever color you want, you can set any specific background you like, simply, you can style your panel just like you want it.

It’s amazing how easy and effective it is and what a difference you can experience on your phone with this notification launcher replacement right now.

Features of Power Shade Pro Apk

  • Customize your favorite color
  • Advanced music
  • Themes
  • Quick settings panel
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Quick reply
  • Card themes
  • Auto Bundled
  • Custom background image
  • Premium features unlocked with minor mods in Power Shade Pro Apk.

Download Power Shade Pro Apk

Power Shade Pro Apk
Power Shade Pro Apk
APK Name Power Shade Pro Apk
APK Size 4.1 MB
Current Version v15.46
Installs 1 M+
Requires android 4.1 and up
Mod Free
Developer Treydev Inc

How To Download Power Shade Pro Apk

Download and installation of Power Shade Pro Apk is very easy, firstly you click on the download button and download this app on your device,

after download, you can do this step-

after downloading you click on the app and install, then you allow all requirements and use this app, “Let’s Enjoy”

Full features of Power Shade Pro Apk

1. Full-color customization:

    • Power Shade Pro Apk provides you full customization feature regarding the notification panel’s layout color.
    • It also allows you to change the color of the elements in the panel.

2. Advanced Music:

    • It provides you the dynamic color based on your playing music album network.
    • You can skip to any part of the track directly from the progress bar of the notification panel.

3. Auto bundled:

    • Power Shade Pro Apk lets you bundle all the notifications from a particular app.
    • Easy controls for grouped notifications.

4. Notification card themes:

    • Notification card themes option is inspired by the Android 10 version.
    • Transparent and Dark themes are available.
    • Ordinary notifications can be lightened up by Light-colored themes.
    • Power shade pro uses the dynamic Colored theme for the card background.
    • Dark theme is available, so now you can view your notifications with a completely black background.

5. Backgrounds and Wallpapers:

    • You can customize your favorite picture in order to display it in the shade.
    • Users can also set their favorite wallpaper/image in the header.

6. Advanced Chats:

    • Now you can reply or chat without opening the related app.
    • A quick reply feature is available.

7. Premium features with mods:

    • SPA (Standalone Android Package)
    • Android app bundle repacked.
    • Other Premium features unlocked.
    • Compatibility: AOSP
    • DSPIs: Idpi, hdpi, tvdpi, xhdpi, mdpi, xxhdpi

Quick settings panel premium features

  • Power Shade Pro Apk provides you the different color features for the background or foreground of icons of the quick settings panel.
  • You can change the color of the brightness slider.
  • Tons of styles can be used including gradient and holo.
  • Set your own picture to display in the shade.
  • You can now tint the active tile’s icon.
  • Various tile icon shapes are available, like –
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Teardrop, Squircle and more
  • A quick settings grid layout can be customized now.
  • Adjustable grids, so you can position the elements where you want.

Now, stop feeling old with your new smartphone and just use this Power Shade Pro Apk to make your phone’s appearance more powerful.

Final Word

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etcc.. so comment fast, I will reply. Power Shade Pro Apk is a notification panel customizer through which you can customize your panel just like you want. It provides you a number of options or settings to transform your notification panel’ every single detail in a more effective way.

Public Review

Review By - Sam Brands
This app is great. It lets you customize almost every aspect of the notification center and quick settings. There are a few bugs (I think) though: – After receiving a notification while in full screen, just tapping near the status bar will make the shade appear and then disappear. This makes it impossible to use an app that has things in the top left or right corner. – When turning on ‘Tint active icon’ the date, settings icon, provider, etc become hard to read when using an AMOLED black color.
Review By - Tyler The mushroom
I’ve been using this as a full replacement for a couple of weeks and I love it, it works very well. I haven’t has any problems with it yet and I love the level of customization you can get with it without buying the premium version. Trey Dev also helps a lot and will respond to your email if you have a problem and help you solve it. This is a great app made by a great team. And I think that the average person would like its design and find it easy to use.


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