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We are always fond of new mobiles, sometimes of iPhones and Samsung. As we know, the new device comes with limitations and certain restrictions; hence we can’t go beyond the limit. But with Package Disabler Pro Apk, the users of Samsung easily modify the companies’ package settings without root.


However, the application is available for other brands of android devices also in Package Disabler Pro Apk (Owner App). The brilliant application is developed by the “Policedeveloper” and Package Disabler Pro Apk (Samsung Edition). The company mainly works in package app development.

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Features of Package Disabler Pro Apk

The application has numerous features and capabilities to explore. One of the vast usage functions in Package Disabler Pro Apk is a quick search. This will help the users to organize and manage the specific application to view the package. One can easily re-enable or disable any app through the feature.

Save Resources

As we know, in any mobile device, the system app always runs and consumes a lot of RAM. Hence, the Package Disabler Pro Apk lets the user save the resources by disabling the required hidden system application. The hidden apps are not seen by anyone, and in the long run, this makes the device laggy. Hence, disabling unwanted apps speed up the device.

No Need for Root

Many users are always rooting their mobile devices to access the restriction task, even to disable the app’s packages. But it allows users to disable the app’s boxes without the root required. Hence, using this amazing application will save and secure your device without malware and spyware viruses concerns.

Disable Activities

Many apps have extensive and deep-locked features, and it will be hard to block those packages. But the Package Disabler Pro Apk has many powerful features and options to disable strong settings and deeply locked boxes. However, some locations are essential for apps to run properly, so don’t disable those packages.

Disable Application

There are lots of default apps on the mobile device that are hard to uninstall normally. Suppose the google play store is impossible to get rid of from mobile, but through Package Disabler Pro Apk, users can easily disable or hide these kinds of default applications. This will help to keep your device space or memory optimum.

image of Package Disabler Pro Apk

Mod Features of Package Disabler Pro Apk

  • The app will improve performance and save battery optimization by disabling the packages.
  • The application has various abilities, including the re-enabling of disabled apps if needed at any time.
  • In This Apk, the user can easily disable the many bloatware with a one-click option.
  • The app allows users to view each and every detail of the packages thoroughly and easily.
  • Users can add the widgets on the dashboard to quickly disable the packages as they want.
  • The Package Disabler Pro Apk has cloud control to manage the application remotely.
  • Users can find the apps quickly through the search functionality for packages disabling.
  • The app has many filters to organize the usage and management that helps to optimize the device.

Why Use the Package Disabler Pro Apk?

Every app has its own features and way of working, but still, the other apps don’t match the capabilities of the Package Disabler Pro Apk. If you notice in other similar apps, it doesn’t include the facility to operate without root. But in the Package Disabler Pro, users don’t need to root the device.

How to Use the Package Disabler Pro Apk?

There are mainly two applications related to Package Disabler Pro Apk. One is for all brands, and another is for Samsung devices only. As we are discussing on Package Disabler Pro Apk cloud for Samsung. The apps required device administration permission before running properly.

However, it is only for non-rooted devices, and the solution to disabling the bloatware applications won’t work on the rooted Samsung mobile device. This Apk interface and operating functionalities are easy; the beginner can easily hand on the application without technical knowledge.

Pro Tips to Use the Package Disabler Pro Apk

  • First, before disabling any app, make sure of its pros and cons of not running in the background.
  • Set up the settings of the Package Disabler Pro Apk for work whenever you want.
  • Don’t try this app on other brands instead of Samsung mobile devices.

The Mod Features of Package Disabler Pro Apk

  • Import and Export Option
  • No Advertisements Shown
  • One-Click Bloatware Removal
  • Filters to Reveal Disabled Apps
  • Re-enabling & Disabling Option
Images Package Disabler Pro Apk

How to Download & Install the Package Disabler Pro Apk?

If you visit the official link, you have to pay a yearly subscription to use This Apk for Samsung. But we are offering the application for free which is a pro unlocked and fully accessible application. Follow the below steps to get the free full version of the application.

  • Primarily click on the given button to get an application on your device.
  • The app will automatically save in the device’s default location instantly.
  • Before installing the app, turn ON the Unknown Sources from the device settings.
  • Now, you can easily start the process of installation without any concerns.
  • Hurray! Now the app is on your mobile screen and gets rid of unwanted apps.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Package Disabler Pro Apk?

A. It is an app that allows users to deactivate certain default apps in the mobile device without rooting.

2. Can I Use Package Disabler Pro Apk for Free?

A. Yes, if you download the app from our website, then you can use it without paying a monthly subscription that is totally free.

3. Is the Package Disabler Pro Cloud Works Only in Samsung Mobiles?

A. Yes, because it is specially built to use remotely by cloud management, the particular app is available for Samsung devices.

Bottom Line

We want to inform you of any wrong decision of disabling any default app that can lag or misbehave with your device functionality. Hence, always keep concerned while using the Package Disabler Pro Apk. Hope you loved our researched article, and please share it with your friends who love to customize their devices.

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