Nox Security Mod Apk v2.8.3 Latest [Premium UNlocked] 2023

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Alternative App: SkyVPN Premium Apk


Our mobile devices are a significant part of our daily life, containing information about us. We store important files, banking details, personal information, and many more. The phone itself cannot protect all those. 

Many harmful and dangerous viruses on the internet can damage that data very quickly. Every mobile must have anti-virus in it. And the best option for us all is the Nox Security Mod Apk. It is an intelligent app that keeps our device and everything within it secure and protected.

Nox Security Mod Apk

When we surf the internet or install some new app on our device, we welcome the virus to our mobiles. They are highly harmful and damage our mobiles over time. To fight that, Nox Security Apk comes in really handy. 

It is an excellent anti-virus app that also offers many other essential tools. It has 50 million plus users worldwide, with a rating of 4.7. Which makes it the best choice. It protects your device from malware. Virus, security breaches, and gives you privacy and data security.

The Cool Features of Nox Security Mod Apk

  • Clean the damaging virus from your device.
  • The app lock ensures no one else gets to your accounts without your permission.
  • It guards your device against possible threats from the internet.
  • With junk cleaner, you can increase the storage capacity of your device.
  • Boost your mobile’s memory with Nox Security for better performance.
  • In heavy games, the app helps calm down your device.
  • Block unwanted notifications anytime.
  • Get notified in case of any possible threat is detected.

What’s Inside the Mod [Fully Unlocked]

If you are somehow not satisfied with this app yet, you can subscribe to the pro version of the app. Which comes with much more features and qualities. In case you don’t have to pay for that either. You can switch to the Nox Security Mod Apk, which is the altered version of the premium app, for free.

  • VIP user pass for a lifetime
  • Much deep scanning for the virus to keep your device fully protected
  • Ads free interface
  • Auto-cleaning of the device as per your schedule
  • Guard your device whenever you are online

The Brief Features of Nox Security Mod Apk


The virus really damages your device. And it usually comes to your mobile from local apps and websites. The anti-virus in this app performs very well and doesn’t let any harmful material come near your device. It is straightforward to operate and quick in its scanning and elimination.

Nox Security Mod Apk

Junk Cleaner

The mobiles get slow and functional when the junk files increase. And these didn’t remove easily too. The cleaner in the Nox Security mod Apk makes sure all the unwanted files and material gets out of your phone, and the user experience doesn’t affect it.

Nox Security Mod Apk

VPN Connection

The internet threat is increasing every day, and any hackers can get to your personal information using your internet server. A VPN connection secures you from all the local internet connection threats. And it also enables you to get access to content that is not available in your region.

Nox Security Mod Apk

Speed Up Your Games

With the CPU cooling feature in the Nox Security Mod Apk, your mobile performance keeps getting better. Hence while playing heavy-duty games, your device doesn’t heat up and creates lags n your gameplay. Which is excellent for every game lover.

Nox Security Mod Apk

Notification Blocker

We all hate unwanted notification that keeps popping up on our home screen. It distracts you and doesn’t let you focus on your activity. You can block all of those with the help of this app. And no, you will not disable them. They will be just silent as long you want them to.

Secure Your Apps

All apps don’t give you the luxury to lock it. You have to install a local app lock for the, which is not safe at all. In the Nox Security Mod Apk, you will get a built-in app lock that will be more efficient and safer. Select the app you want to lock to the app lock list and set the password.

Calls & Messaging Security

After you give permission to the app to display over other apps. It will ensure that you will not get any spam or unwanted call. It blocks the numbers and accounts you want and helps you protect your privacy.

How to Use Nox Security Mod Apk?

The app is very user-friendly and effortless to use. The features are straightforward and effortless. You can have the Premium version for free in the Mod Apk. It is available on many websites, download it from there and install it.

Pro Tips for Nox Security Mod Apk

  • Download the application from a trusted site.
  • Grant all the permission to the app.
  • Run deep scans to eradicate all harmful files.
  • Allow the auto scan, so you don’t have to worry about regular scanning.
  • Enable the notification so the app can inform you in case of any threat.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Nox Security a Good Anti-Virus App? 

A. It is an intelligent virus-fighting app. The ratings and reviews of this app make it very reliable. It gets the result and saves your device from any threat possible.

2. What Does Nox Cleaner Do?

A. Your device gets slow when too many junk files take up your device’s storage. Nox Cleaner helps remove unwanted material and keep your device functioning properly and efficiently.

3. Is the Nox Security Mod Apk Safe?

A. The Mod versions are always the altered form of the original application. The developer of that mod can get hands on your personal data. That’s why we always suggest downloading the mods from trusted sites only.


Keeping your mobiles functioning and working require proper care. The Nox Security Mod Apk is an excellent app for this purpose. 

It covers all aspects you need for your device’s security and wellness. Download the app from a good site, install it on your device and make your mobile better and more secure.

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