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Nord VPN for PC

The Nord VPN for PC is a provider of a service of a virtual private network as the name proposes. It gives us easy and private access for your personal and work accounts when you are travelling from place to place, also when you want to keep your browsing history private and don’t want to share and want it to keep it private while using public WI-FI.


It gives you the freedom of privacy!!!! There’s a Nord VPN for all windows applications PC, plus an app for iOS and Android. It’s very important when you are travelling abroad when your ISP starts controlling extra traffic when you are using public Wi-Fi.

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Nord VPN for PC

Knowing more about Nord VPN

Nord VPN keeps all your data on your internet safe and secure. Nord VPN for PC routes all traffic through the remote server used by the service, which hides their IP address.

Nord VPN for PC encrypts all the data thereby making it gabble to the hacker and making it difficult to understand or to the reader may it be incoming or outgoing data.

Subscribers can get easy access to encrypted proxy extensions like chrome and Firefox browsers.

The subscribers can connect to six devices at one time.

Features of Nord VPN of PC

This is very much a need for the times for the internet users who want their identity hidden and their search history behind the wall for next-generation encryption. The main features of the Nord VPN for PC are:

  • Encryption of the third generation – it will keep your data safe from hackers, internet service providers, and governments.
  • No data policy – it does not collect any data, keeps your data private by not sharing it,
  • No ads – it blocks ads and other dangerous websites.
  • Privacy is doubled – it armors the user from cyber threats and online tracking by double encrypting twice.
  • Bulletproof military security – the security of your data is bulletproof just like the military with an automatic kill switch.
  • Security and private – it helps to find out if the traffic is fully tight and secured.
  • Onion network – the reason you need an onion network is because of its simplicity, privacy, and encryption, and this provided by Nord VPN for PC.
  • Easier and faster for streaming movies – make your life fun and easier by watching it without a slowdown.
  • An important feature of smart play – Smart Play is an important feature of Nord VPN for PC that helps to access the content that would otherwise be unavailable for regular users.
  • Speed of lightning – there is no buffering, no control, and no band-with limitations. It does not even slow down your internet.
  • Secure six devices at a time – only with one account of Nord VPN for PC you can connect to six devices at one single time.
  • Your own dedicated IP address – an IP address solely for your own use. This is beneficial for online payment security, no captchas.
  • Customer support- they have superb 24/7 customer support is available for your help.

How to gain better experience for online protection by downloading Nord VPN for PC

It is very easy and simple to download Nord VPN for PC. But for some people who find daunting the task of changing the settings of their device here are simple steps and very easily explained:

  • Start by going to the website straight and download the same.
  • Sign in by paying the said fees for your desired plan.
  • Go to the VPN apps landing page at the top of the website of Nord.
  • It will automatically detect your operating system and download it.
  • You will see the button to buy press on it if you have already not paid.
  • Click on the download button.
  • You will notice the Nord VPN installer in your download folder.
  • Open that folder that you have downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions and run it like any other program.

Important note: as the installation procedure goes on you may be asked to change some of your settings on your PC, please allow it by clicking on the “yes” button. It’s trustworthy if you directly download from its website and not from a third party.

  • Once it is installed log in with all your details. You are now with true internet privacy now just click on the quick connect button and you are done!!!

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How to get Nord VPN for PC for free

  • Click on to get Nord VPN
  • The above can be differently worded and look for the offers.
  • Choose plans wisely that suits well for you. There are plans from one month to one to three year plans.
    These plans may have the option of discontinuing the same plan after some time if you are not happy with the subscription.
  • In this said trial period you can decide if you want to continue with the same or discontinue it after some days.
  • For this option you will asked to pay the whole subscription at one time that you have opted for but there will bet the option of the refund if you want to unsubscribe the same plan.
  • Create your own account. In this step you will also need to enter your email address as well as payment details.
Nord VPN for PC
  •  Note Nord VPN for PC accepts various modes of payments like major credit cards, Google pay, amazon pay, crypto currencies.
  • Look for the continue button.
  • Below that there will be written in the italics that you are 100% backed by our 30-day money backed scheme guarantee.
  • This money-back guarantee scheme applies to all the payment methods.
  • Once you have completed the payment details you will receive an email confirming that have your account details.
  • Click on the set password button and activate your account. Then you have to follow the instructions and have to do the needful and when everything is done you are good to proceed next.
Nord VPN for PC
  • Now you are all ready to download Nord VPN for your said device.  It will automatically download according to your device browser.
  • Now you are ready to log in.
Nord VPN for PC
  • Now you are ready and all set to go and use it for the said free trial period. Enjoy it till then but remember it will be exactly for the same period not a minute more or minute less.

Easy steps to cancel after the free trial period

  • Directly go to the Nord VPN website
  •  Click on “my account”. Tab.
  • Enter your log in details
  • Go to “my services”
Nord VPN for PC
  • Click on the three dots that are next to the “change plan” button.
  • Next click on “ cancel automatic payment”
  • Click on “confirm cancellation”
  • Automatically your payment will be stopped.
  • You will see that it will say that your account plan will expire soon.
  • You will need to contact the customer support of the Nord VPN for PC requesting to cancel your account and ask for a refund.
    You can do it very easily by clicking on the speech button icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Always make the refund request by email or chat. They will refund the amount by crosschecking some of your information like the details of your plan, your account, date of payment, mode of payment.
  • After completion of this simple procedure, you will receive confirmation about the cancellation and the payments.
  • The refund of your money will take a few days to be processed in your said account.
Nord VPN for PC

Final Conclusion

With Nord VPN for PC your internet data with stay safe and secure with double protection and browser extensions and enjoy the fastest and uninterrupted streaming of services such as movies and clips on multiple devices from any part of the world. Enjoy and have fun!!!

Download Download Nord VPN For PC v6.37.9.0 For Free [100% Working]

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