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Alternative App: Tasks Mod Apk


Bring productivity is the hardest thing for every person nowadays. It is usually because of all the work we stuff our heads with, and at the end of the day, we mix them all up. In this article, we will help you avoid all these mistakes and have amazingly positive work at the end.

We introduce you to My Daily Planner Mod Apk, its Mod version, which you can use to level up your daily working routine. And achieve all the goals you are looking for at the end of the day.

My Daily Planner Mod Apk

This app has over a million downloads and has been really loved by its users. Its 4.6-star rating is the best any app in this category has ever scored. 

It has many tools for making a good and well-arranged day plan, and some features will ensure that you are on track with your goals.

You must be more organized and plan your day correctly to be more productive. You can use My Daily Planner Mod Apk to plan your day and write it down to ensure you track every step of yours.

The Hot Features of My Daily Planner Mod Apk

  1. Plan your day with a good list of steps to achieve your end goal.
  2. You can set reminders to keep the app notifying you of the tasks.
  3. Divide your tasks into further smaller tasks to make them easier for you.
  4. Keep tracking your data and achievements.
  5. You can use My Daily Planner even without an internet connection.
  6. Create a to-do list and customize it as you want it to look.
  7. The interface of the app is very cooperative with the user.
  8. You can mark the tasks once you have completed them.
  9. You can choose from different themes. Light and Dark modes are available.

What’s Inside the Mod [Golden Unlocked]

You can use the app for free very quickly. But in the free version, some of the features are limited. To unlock everything, you can pay for a premium version. 

But if you want to use all the premium features but save your money too, you can switch to the My Daily Planner Mod Apk, which offers all the premium features for free:

  • No restrictions on any parts of the app.
  • There are no popping ads anymore.
  • You can make unlimited plan charts.
  • Make more widely time management.
  • You can create unlimited folders.

The Amazing Features of My Daily Planner Mod Apk

User Friendly

Making the plan chart on paper is easy, so making the app more accessible to the user is essential. That’s why the app has built a user-friendly interface that any user can operate efficiently. You can create plans, tasks, and folders and use all other app features without effort.

My Daily Planner Mod Apk

Make Daily Plans

If you are making your plans on a piece of paper, you are way back in time. The paper piece can easily get lost, and all your planning will go to waste. From now on, use the My Daily Planner Mod Apk for making your schedules and plans for the next so you can have it all the time in your pocket.

My Daily Planner Mod Apk

Divide into Subtasks

A significant reason for not being productive is that we make way bigger goals that can be achieved. You must divide that into smaller and shorter ones so you can focus on them quickly. In this app, you can make subtasks of a relatively bigger task and can mark them after you finish them.

My Daily Planner Mod Apk


There is a built-in calendar in My Daily Planner Mod Apk, which you can use to mark important meetings and occasions on that date. Add a broad description to remember what it is all about and what you have planned. The app will notify you when the day comes closer.

My Daily Planner Mod Apk

Voice Inputs

This makes editing and writing descriptions way easier. You can use the Bluetooth keyboard mics or your device’s built-in microphone to write the text in the app. You can also add voice notes in the task descriptors and reminders.

How to Use My Daily Planner Mod Apk?

The original version of the app is straightforward to use, and the mod version is similar to that. You can use the app without effort, and there are no alterations. It is available on many websites on Google. You can download it from there for free.

Pro Tips for My Daily Planner Mod Apk

  • Make an account on the app so you can save your settings and plans.
  • You can use the demo trial for free if you are new to this.
  • Divide your daily plan into subtasks so you can find it more manageable.
  • Track your daily tasks and mark them when you finish them.
  • Set reminders to make the app notify you of every upcoming task.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Daily Planner an Online App? 

A. No, this app is not entirely an online app. You can use many features here, like making a new plan for the day even when you don’t have an internet connection, but some of you must be online.

2. Is Daily Planner Mod Apk Safe?

A. As you know, the Mod Apk is not the official one. They are altered by some local developments and can be harmful to your device. That’s why you should download it from a trusted site.

3. What Happens When You Don’t Complete a Task in Daily Planner?

A. The app will remind you of your every task, but it will not be deleted if you fail to complete it on time. Instead, it will move on to the next day and will not go away until you finish it or remove it.


This app has been a fantastic help for people who struggle to complete their work on time. And it has helped a lot of people improve their daily lives. To do the same, you must download My Daily Planner Mod Apk on your device now and have a positive and productive day.

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