Motionleap Pro Mod Apk v1.3.15 Latest [Pro Unlocked] 2023

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Last Updated September 16, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Alternative App: FaceApp Pro Apk


Do you guys like taking photos? If yes, then you must also like to edit them and upload them on social media, so Motionleap by Lightricks is a photo-editing app where you can add cinematic effects to the photos on your Android smartphone. 

In essence, Motionleap Pro Mod Apk aims to make every single one of your images come to life. You must first add the effects to the editor before applying them to your photos.

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

Pixaloop was the previous name of the software. Everyone wanted their avatar to be a beautiful image when social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were at their peak. 

Your avatars are always the simplest approach to conveying your individuality in the greatest way. Do you desire to possess lovely avatar photographs with various interesting effects? No one will object, I bet!

Comparable to other photo-editing programs like Gif Maker and Cinemograph, your photos will come to life using Motionleap Pro Mod Apk. You can astound your friends or followers with incomparable photos by producing beautiful animations or short films.

The Key Features of Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

  • You get to establish anchor photos
  • Option of creating 3D photos 
  • Create backdrop image effects
  • Animations can also be created 
  • Alter the looping movement
  • Effects like sunset and sunrise can be added 
  • Add several effects, such as bubbles, rain, and emoticons

What’s Inside the Mod [Golden Unlocked]

You can create wonderfully beautiful images with the help of this fantastic application’s many excellent and simple-to-use capabilities. Of course, you are the one who created those works of art. 

Additionally, you will benefit more from Motionleap Pro Mod Apk simplicity and use in media and advertising. This program you must use, especially if graphic design or photography are your passions.

  • Unlimited Editing Time 
  • It Is Completely Ad-Free
  • No Need for The Monthly Subscription 
  • Pro Features Included 

The Notable Features of Motionleap Pro Mod Apk


Making your photographs appear alive is where Motionleap really shines. Use this program if you don’t know how to create beautiful animations from explicit photographs. 

Here, you may easily animate still waters, produce dispersion motion effects, produce 3D effects, and more! 

To create the animated effect, you only need to set anchor points and direct the arrows in the direction you want them to go. Then, just use the Freeze brush to freeze the areas you don’t want to move.

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

Edit Backgrounds

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk also has the excellent feature of making background editing simple. Create time-lapses with moving clouds, skies, and sunsets. 

You can probably change any background you have using Motionleap’s built-in tools. However, you should alter images with plain backdrops like skies, mountains, and water for the best results.

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

Video Effects

Motionleap provides superior functionality in a user-friendly app. You can manipulate any image object in this place, including clouds, waves, garments, and more! In addition, you can take amazing pictures that will make it simple to edit pictures. 

These effects are typically only possible with professional video editing programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. But with the help of Motionleap’s cutting-edge technology, anyone’s images may suddenly look polished.

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

High-Quality Exports

Since Motionleap Pro Mod Apk enables photo editing, it also enables exporting photos in the greatest quality. Since some photo-editing programs lower the quality of your photographs, this is a lifesaver. 

However, with Motionleap, it can improve your pictures’ calibre! Motionleap has everything you need to do to improve the quality of your images, so there’s no need for a separate program.

Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

Clean User Interface

Motionleap offers a simple, user-friendly editing interface for all your photo editing requirements to give contrast to your photo. The interface is black. 

Then, for optimal control, the sliders are immediately above, and the tools are immediately below. You may easily edit images because of the simple layout and few tools.


The different photo effects and entertaining overlays that Motionleap offers are just another awesome feature. With the help of this program, a dull, drab sky can be transformed into a gorgeous sunset. 

Alternatively, you can select an overlay from the wide selection offered and add the effects of maple leaves to your pictures. Alternatively, you might add something darker and mimic the photo’s mood to complete the effect.

How to Use Motionleap Pro Mod Apk?

You may simply edit images using Motionleap’s free software’s straightforward and precise capabilities. Users can select from a wide variety of sophisticated effects with just a few taps to bring the shot to life. You must first add photographs to the editor before applying effects to them.

Then, draw attention to a few locations that will help you add effects. Following that, you can freely produce professional images with various effects, like stars, flowers, and intriguing animated graphics.

Pro Tips to Use Motionleap Pro Mod Apk

  • Make sure to download these mod versions from trusted sites so that your data is safe and secure.
  • When you start editing, save it so that your editing doesn’t get wasted.
  • Login through any third-party app to save all your work.
  • You should be connected to good internet to import and export photos.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Motionleap Safe? 

A. The software is safe because it doesn’t save personal data and only requests a small number of permissions.

2. Is There a Free Version of Motionleap?

A. Although Motionleap by Lightricks is available for free, you might need to purchase a membership to get all of its features. You can opt for a one-time payment or a monthly or annual subscription.

3. How Do I Save On Motionleap?

A. Simply tap anywhere on the screen’s work area after you are happy with the animation. The “Export” screen will appear when you tap the “Send” icon. You can save your animation as a video or a GIF in different sizes and image quality.


Motionleap Pro Mod Apk offers various visual customizations for you to enjoy to give Android users access to their outstanding photo editing experiences. Additionally, the original motion effects and animated videos will heighten the appeal.

So, if you love editing and stuff, this app is for you, so go download it immediately and start using its amazing features.

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