Facetime For PC [Window 10, Mac, Android, Alternative]

Do you want to know what is Facetime for pc? The app is used to make a video call to another, so basically, it is a video calling app. But who can use this? Can you run Facetime for pc, android, and mac? The video calling app can only be used with Apple devices or their users.

Facetime For PC

If you are thinking of using the app in windows or iPhone, then you are extremely wrong because the Facetime app is built with the technology of specifics format where it’s only working with Apple devices excluding windows and androids.

The video calling app is mainly developed for iPhone, Mac, and IOS users. The Apple Inc. First successfully launched the app at end of 2013 with initial support feature to iPhone 7. Usually the iPhone’s are super fast operating system hence they developed according the concept of interface.

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Download Facetime For PC

Facetime For PC
Facetime For PC
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Download Facetime For PC Easily

Yes, I know everybody liking the app because of their astonishing features and capabilities. Hence every person who have often live meeting with their respective members or team they want to use facetime video calling for productivity and smoother experience. Which give their presentation professional appearance to colleagues.

But, if your are a apple user and have the mac with you even iOS devices with you team then you can utilize this amazing video calling app right now. But if you are a android or windows user then it’s difficult to enjoy the benefits of the app. However you can still use the Facetime for pc by using third party emulator in your pc or mobile.

How to Use on Facetime for PC

First of all, you should clear one think that you can’t use Facetime for pc officially because it’s made for apple devices. So, there are no way to use Facetime for pc? However, you can’t use Facetime directly for windows but there are some tips and techniques you can run Facetime in PC.

It can be done with emulators which usually creates the another type of operating system to within the pc.

Installing Facetime for PC

  1. First install the emulator in your pc, in this case we are showing you of bluestack. After successfully installing setup the basic settings which appears.
  2. Now open our website in your bluestack window for further installing of Facetime IOS file.
  3. Simply open the app and fill the required details which is compulsory to start a video calling.
  4. Hurrey ! Now all is done, put the email id of your friend in Facetime to interact on video calling.

Installing Facetime for MAC

  1. Installing the Facetime for mac is extreme easy, just you need to launch the apple store and find Facetime on search box.
  2. After appearing the app click on install button to get in your device.
  3. The login process is very simple, fill your apple I’d and password for successfully registration.
  4. All you set to use Facetime for video calling. Just enter email I’d of opposite person for video calling.

Note:- The Facetime is officially for IOS, iPads, and Mac. If you run the app in windows through the techniques then it might possible that you can’t avail the extra ordinary performance and good experience. We recommend you to use the Facetime in IOS platform only but you can try the tip for experimental purpose.

Best IOS Emulators for windows to run on PC

  1. SmartFace
  2. iPadian
  3. iPhone Simulator
  4. iMame
  5. Appetizer.io
  6. MobiOne Studios
  7. Air iPhone
  8. App.io
  9. Xamarian TestFlight
  10. Ripple

Note:- Above mentioned emulators are best suitable to run IOS apps in PC’s windows. But some are free and paid so select accordingly.

Alternatives to Facetime for PC


Who do not know about imo. It is a one of the simple, faster and free to use video calling app. Even you can do text, audio and various other format messages. The Imo is secure and encrypt messanging while chatting or video calling. Imo is available for all operating system like IOS, Android and Windows. It can be best alternative to Facetime.


If you are looking for professional video chatting app than go with Skype the app is use most of the entrepreneurs and CEOs. Skype can give you the access of Screen sharing, Live Recording, Live Subtitles and many more requires features along with video calling. Try the Skype once and get the experience, I sure you will forget to search about “Facetime for PC.”


It is also one of the popular video calling app which gives you the power to make 500 peoples group and can do the video chatting with 9 peoples simultaneously. The wechat famous in China for Video calling. Even the app offer trending stickers, emojis and characters. If you love fun while interacting then choose the wechat on behalf of Facetime for PC.


Another professional video, audio and text chatting app from google. The app serves you to integrate secure chatting within the participants of the group and can’t see by outside member unless someone shares. Hangout trusted by many users because of their encryption and handle by the google.


Again! One of the versatile video calling, audio and text sending app along with images and file sharing. More than 1 billion users installing the viber application which is also alternative to whatsapp. It’s up to you that whethear you want to use the app in opposite to Facetime for pc. But try once to get the exposure of the feature.

Facebook Messenger

Who doesn’t know the facebook messenger app. Everybody have the facebook in thier device but do you know the app have multiple features which solve the daily conversation needs, hence it is a social media app too. But you can utilise it for video calling and other communications format.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facetime consume large amount of internet data?

A. As our recent research the Facetime consume 18 MB in 1080p video calling for five minutes.

Do I have to buy subscription facetime for pc?

A. No, the Facetime is open source video calling app from apple for IOS users. But for PC you must take the help of emulators to run Facetime in PC.

Is Facetime is available for android device?

A. Directly you can’t install the Facetime in android mobile but can be use through certain emulaters. Which bypass the format type restrictions.

Bottom Line

I am sure now that you are not confuse of using Facetime for pc. Moreover you get the clarity of using Facetime in your windows or android system. Every concept have one strategy to implement hence we provided you all comprehensive possible techniques and steps.

Utilize the tips and avail the benefits and leave your comment below that which alternate method works for you. We will improve our article after getting valuable feedback from your side.

Facetime For PC [Window 10, Mac, Android, Alternative]

Facetime For PC is used to make a video call to another, so basically, it is a video calling app. you can use [Window 10,8,7, Mac, Android] Best Alternative

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