YoWhatsApp APK Download Offlical 2023 [Ultimate Feature]

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YOWhatsapp has become the daily need of an average person. Somewhere, Whatsapp becomes needful, and as we know, it provides plenty of features to make our life easy. But still, there are several Whatsapp features which we cannot use, as the company does not offer them in the official version.


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To solve this problem, plenty of Whatsapp Mods introduce the original users of Whatsapp. Everyone wants to shape the things they use according to them. So these Whatsapp Mods let them do so.

YOWhatsapp is one of those Mod versions of Whatsapp like Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp. Let us know more about the YOWhatsapp in this article.

YOWhatsapp Apk

YOWhatsapp might seem familiar to you if you love using different Mod versions of Whatsapp because the YOWhatsapp is one of the best Mod Versions of the original Whatsapp.

It comes with plenty of extra functions which are not present in the regular Whatsapp. The features that make it the best are that it’s free to download and use, and it also comes with some additional features. The YOWhatsapp is officially known as the YOWA app.

The restricted features of the official Whatsapp version can be boring after a specific period. Hence, the additional Characteristics of the YOWhatsapp can help you out in that case.

The YOWhatsapp is developed by an individual named Yousef, and the app is named after the developer’s name. It was first introduced in the XDA-developers Forum, and it went viral from there.

Let us know more about the YOWhatsapp further in this article.

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YoWhatsApp APK

Download & Install YOWhatsapp Apk

You’ll get to download YoWhatsapp APK by clicking on the download now button. Here, you don’t have to face any technical issues at the time of downloading it. Just follow up on all these steps to help you download this specific game on your system.

  • First of all, you need to hit the Download button to get this game on your system,
  • Now, you need to visit the setting section there you have to enable the download from an unknown source setting,
  • Then, you need to visit the file manager section and open that particular file,
  • Hit the Install Now button to get this file on your system,
  • You’ll get to enjoy all the specific features by exploring this rated version!

Features of YOWhatsapp Apk

  • Themes:  You must have been already bored with the usual official Whatsapp theme and format. You must try out the YOWA 2021 version, and it has numerous fresh themes that get updated with every app update. You can easily customize your Whatsapp with the YOWhatsapp unlimited theme packages. 
  • Hassle-free voice recording: You can easily tap the voice recording button and swipe upwards to record your voice automatically without the problem of holding the record button for mins.
  • Call Blocker: With the new 8.33 version of YOWhatsapp you can easily block single Whatsapp calls or individually allow who can call you on Whatsapp.
  • Set Home Screen Wallpaper: On the official Whatsapp version, you had the option to set the chat screen wallpaper according to you, but now with the YOWhatsapp, you can also change the wallpaper of the Whatsapp home screen according to your choice.
  • Privacy Options: Privacy is the priority of YOWhatsapp. They provide you with plenty of additional privacy advantages like hiding Online status, Blue ticks (Read receipts), recording status, double tick, and many more.
  • Anti-Ban: You don’t need to worry about your original Whatsapp account, as it is an anti-ban app. You can send unlimited messages and use the app for as long as you want without any restrictions.
  • App Lock: Now, you can quickly put a password-protected app lock on your Whatsapp without downloading any third-party application. They provide a built-in app locker that gives you the freedom to put a pin or passcode as your unlock password.
  • Anonymous Messaging: The official Whatsapp version doesn’t allow you to send messages to a specific person without saving their number. But with the latest YOWhatsapp update, you can send messages to one without saving their number on your mobile.
  • Media Sharing: Sharing Media over the internet has become a basic need nowadays. But the standard version of Whatsapp has some limitations in media sharing. But with the YOWhatsapp, you can share High-quality pictures without any limits, and you can also share videos up to 700 MB without any limitations.
  • Enhanced Messaging System: The YOWhatsapp latest version gives you the freedom to auto-reply to the messages, delete multiple messages at once, blue ticks, and chat bubble feature. All these features make the messenger easy to use as you can automate your reply when you are far, delete unwanted texts, and open chat bubbles.
  • Added Features For Group Admins: Now, being a group admin, you can easily set your group name with 35 characters and not only with 25 characters.
  • Inbuilt Security Feature: The latest version of the YOWhatsapp provides additional features like Built-in app lock without downloading any third-party app and Do Not Disturb (DND). After applying the DND function, the internet connection gets disabled only for Whatsapp so that others cannot disturb you.
  • Mass Broadcasting Upto 600 Members: The regular official Whatsapp lets you broadcast a message only to a limited number of 256 members. The latest feature of the YOWhatsapp allows you to publish news to a total of 600 members at once.
YoWhatsApp APK

More Feature Of YOWhatsapp Apk

  • When someone sends you a message or puts a status and immediately deletes it, the YOWhatsapp Is Anti-delete message/Status feature makes them stay on your phone and doesn’t delete it from your side.
  • You can easily enable the DND/Airplane mode, especially for Whatsapp with the YOWA app, so that you can enjoy your company with your phone without Whatsapp spam.
  • Customizable themes make the app enjoyable to use, and you can also change the Whatsapp home’s wallpaper according to your choice.
  • You can easily share high-quality images to up to 90 contacts with a single tap.
  • With the YOWhatsapp Mod, when you forward a message, the forwarded tag will not annoy you anymore.
  • You can copy the status of other contacts and also use unique emojis made by YOWhatsapp.

Problems With YOWhatsapp Apk

Every good thing comes with some drawbacks, YOWhatsapp also has some, and here they are :

  • Your Messages may not be safe: The YOWhatsapp claims that they transmit the message you send or receive in the YOWA through the official Whatsapp server. But, the messages sent/received can also go through a third-party server. There is no guarantee that your messages and media are private and are not being shared with outsiders.
  • Whatsapp Mods may be harmful: Some of the Application Mods are talking with external servers. If you use those applications, then you will be guilty of your data leakage. Whatsapp Mods can install malware on your device, and the sites used to download the application may also introduce malware on your device.
  • App Update is not available from the Google Play Store: The newest updates of the YOWhatsapp are not available on the google play store as it withholds malicious items. They are banned from the play store. They can download through a third-party site, which can be dangerous in terms of privacy.
  • Unofficial Developers show ads: The standard version of Whatsapp, which is available on the play store, is free and ad-free. But the Mod versions like you may show ads while using it. The developers show ads to earn some money through it, and these ads may disturb you.
  • You cannot back up your data to google drive as unofficial developers develop it.
  • It also works a little slower than the official Whatsapp.

 Is the account banned with YOWhatsapp?

It would be best if you did not get worried about getting banned with the YoWhatsapp Mod version. They are Anti-ban, and you can restore your account quickly by following the steps given in their app disclaimer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is YOWhatsapp legal?

Ans. It is not clear whether YOWhatsapp is legal or illegal. It is not available on the google play store for specific reasons because it has some malware substances.

Q. Can I use YOWhatsapp on a pc?

Ans. Yes, The YOWhatsapp application can be installed and used on a PC.

Q. Which is better: the original Whatsapp or YOWhatsapp ?

Ans. The two versions are for two different uses like it depends on you how you are going to use it. In case you want to use additional features like custom themes, extra privacy, and DND, then the YOWhatsapp can be the best option for you.
On the other hand, if your priority is your data and information security, then the best option is to use the Official Whatsapp app.

Q. How can I download YOWhatsapp?

Ans. The YOWhatsapp can be downloaded from third-party sites provided.

Q. Is YOWhatsapp free to download?

Ans. Yes, It is free to download and use. But it can have some amount of ads.


The YOWhatsapp is a Whatsapp MOD developed by Yousef Al Basha with additional mod features like DND, Custom themes, extra privacy features, etc.

If you are an enthusiast of using mod apps and are not fond of your security, then the YOWhatsapp is one of the best options for you. But if you want the security of your data, then you should stick to the original version of Whatsapp.

Download YoWhatsApp APK Download Offlical 2023 [Ultimate Feature]

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