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WhatsApp plus Apk

Have you ever thought about why WhatsApp has the most number of mod versions?


It is because this app has a large number of users and this app is the most popular among all messaging apps.

Millions of people worldwide are using WhatsApp. Their needs are different. This is the instinct of humans to cut everything according to their needs.

WhatsApp-plusApk is one of the mod versions, just like GB WhatsApp Apk and FM WhatsApp. It can be used in both Android and ios.

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It first came into the market in 2012. It is developed by Rafalete, who made some changes in UI and added some extra and exciting features to the original WhatsApp.

The color of the logo of original one is green, but the logo of WhatsApp-plus Apk is silver in color. Moreover, this is a third-party-made mod version, so there can raise an issue of security because the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus servers are different.

It relieves you from being monotonous with the single WhatsApp app you are using.

So, your messages or documents are going through a different server whose guaranty no one can give.

WhatsApp plus Apk

Download & Install WhatsApp Plus Apk

You can download  Whatsapp-Plus-Apk with a single click. For doing this, you need to follow up on some steps. All those steps will surely impress you and deliver you with all the satisfying results.

  • First of all, you need to hit the download now button to get the file on your system,
  • Now, visit the setting section, where you need to enable the download from an unknown source section,
  • It’s all done; you need to visit the file manager section and open that particular file over there,
  • Just open that folder and hit the install now button to get all the instant access to this specific platform,
  • Let’s ENJOY all the Super Rated Features!

Features Of WhatsApp Plus Apk

It is viral among WhatsApp users. Following Are There Feature:-

1.   Themes

It allows the users to choose themes and colors which they prefer the best and eyes soothing for them. Customization of this app is greatly appealing to the users. About 700 themes are available in WhatsApp plus Apk. You don’t have to download any theme packages from outsources; it is already provided in the app.

  • You can set background pictures and colours.
  • Change Chat colours
  • Choose the bubble style of chats
  • The colours of texts, buttons, and graphics can also be changed.
  • You can change the message sizes too.
  • Even the colour of blue ticks can be altered.

2.   Stay incognito, Still active

Hiding blue ticks, second ticks, read ticks can be hidden in WhatsApp plus App. You can hide your statuses from selected people and groups. You can even hide your last seen and online tag wherever you go online.

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3.   Anti-delete feature

Anti-delete means when someone sends messages personally or in groups, often they revoke the messages, but if you are using This Apk, they cannot hide those messages from you because with WhatsApp plus anti delete or anti-revoke feature, the messages will stay on your device.

4.   Auto-reply

This auto-reply feature is not available in original WhatsApp but in WhatsApp business, and WhatsApp plus Apk has brought that awesome feature just for you guys. Now, with WhatsApp Plus, you can auto-reply anyone, anytime without deSo even. Even if you want to reply to many people simultaneously, you can do it too with WhatsApp plus.

More Features Of WhatsApp Plus

  • Every time you open, WhatsApp plus can ask password if you set a perfect password for safety
  • Updated base
  • You can add a new UI for themes and stickers or emojis customly.
  • When the header is too long it animates
  •  New design in settings option
  •  Interface customization is available too
  •  Can enable airplane or DND mode and animation of airplane mode is there to notify you that it is on
  • You can now download and send photos of the original quality which is in the original app becomes compressed and the photos become hazy.
  • Updated translation problem is fixed
  • Bugs are all fixed

Problems With These Whatsapp

You can have to face some problems while using This Apk. These are the following:

  • You might have to wait for the updates of App. The developers of WhatsApp plus are slow in this matter of update.

  • It cannot provide you exact privacy provided by the original version because this is the modded version of WhatsApp.

  • The issue of WhatsApp Plus legality is under question already.

  • I would suggest you use temporary phone numbers. Because if you use your main number and account there is a chance if somehow your account gets banned you won’t be able to reopen WhatsApp from that number and your data will go into the dustbin.

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When The account is banned

Your account can be restored. Do some steps as I am prescribing here for you.

  • Firstly, take all backup of chats and then uninstall the old version of WhatsApp plus.

  • Then download the newest and updated version of WhatsApp plus.

  • Next, disable the feature of auto-update from the play store.

  • Now, don’t use the hiding status or ticks feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is WhatsApp plus legal?

The status of the legality of WhatsApp plus is unclear. No one knows whether or not it is legal. It had been removed from the play store once, though now it is available again. So it is under question if the app is legal or not.

2.    Can I use WhatsApp plus on a pc?

Sure, you can. Whether it is pc, MacBook, Android, or iPhone, you can use WhatsApp plus.

3.    Which is better: the original WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus?

It depends on how you want to use WhatsApp. Like, if you want extra exciting features, new themes, enough privacy, and do not want to be disturbed, It is the best option for you.

But, if your concern is the security of your data and your info, I will suggest not using WhatsApp plus. Rather, stick on to the original WhatsApp.

Now, it’s up to you, of course.

4.    How can I download WhatsApp plus?

You can download it from this site. The link to download WhatsApp plus is already given.

5.    Is WhatsApp plus free to download?

Yes, It is absolutely free to use.

Download Download WhatsApp Plus Apk [Ultimate Feature + Anti Ban]

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