Torque Pro Apk is a diagnostics tool that allows you to check the various details of your car on your android phone. Now, if you’re thinking that why should I need this when I already have a dashboard in my car? Because there are many features that you might not have. Also, it’ll be very helpful for people whose dashboard is not working somehow.

– Get real-time performances – Check RPM, Mileage, etc. – Dock support – Diagnose fault codes – Customizable interface – Connect to any car – Get warnings on your phon

Key Features Of Torque Pro Apk

How to connect Torque Pro Apk to your Car?

1. Open this application and then tap on the vehicle profile. 2. First, enter the name of the profile that means you have to enter the name of the vehicle. 3. Then, select the vehicle type from the given options like CUV, SUV, Sedan, Pickup, Hatchback, etc. 4. Enter the engine’s capacity. (Note – Enter this value in liters only). 5. The total weight of the vehicle including factors like fuel weight, driver’s weight, etc. If you don’t know the weight of your car, you can simply google it.

How to connect Torque Pro Apk to your Car?

6. Select the fuel type like Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG, etc. 7. Enter the fuel tank’s capacity. 8. Then, select the fuel level. (Note – If you refuel your car, you have to change this value again). 9. To know more details, you can enter the cost price of the fuel as per your city or state. 10. Users can fill details in advanced settings also. However, all these settings (above) are helpful for normal information. 11. Simply save these settings.