Solid Explorer Mod Apk is a great cloud file manager because it provides you a wide support for cloud storage including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, and Owncloud, and guys you can also connect file manager to your PC and many remote servers working with FTP, SFTP, and WebDav and  this is the best features of the whole application

Features of Solid Explorer Pro Apk

Safe and upload your important files and documents in various cloud storage platforms. The Solid Explorer Apk supports many cloud storage platforms to connect & manage the files few are Google Drive, Dropbox, MediaFire, etc.

To view any Music, Image, or Text-Editor on your device, you use the additional app, but in Solid Explorer Pro, one can easily access or view the particular files. This helps to quick & fast establishment in viewing or organizing the files or documents.

#2 Internal Player

#1 Cloud Storage

Features of Solid Explorer Pro Apk

#3 Deep Exploration

Now navigate the stored files in your device automatically organize the collections. In Solid Explorer, Mod Apk once can View, Move, Rename, Delete or Share any file. The app has valuable filters to navigate the files on the device.

It’s a revolutionary file explorer that doesn’t have any dedicated storage analyzer. Still, in Solid Explorer Pro, one can find out which folder takes up most of the SD Card or Internal Storage space. Even get the percentage details & file size filter search.

#4 Analyze Storage

If we go back to our history, suppose 20 years, we see there were lots of credentials and secret files that were difficult to encrypt for individuals. But today, thanks to technology, we have the Solid Explorer Pro Apk that helps keep our files secure through AES encryption. Along with security, it has versatility and various other essential features.

Why Use the Solid Explorer Pro Apk?