OG Instagram Apk is one of the best social media applications which has crossed millions of downloads from all over the world.

Not only OG Instagram helps you to share your photos and thoughts with the world but also it allows you to use two accounts on one phone.

Needs Of Installing OG Instagram

Media download

Downloading images, posts, videos, audios is possible with Instagram which is absent in Instagram.

Followers display

Who is following you on their page, you can detect with Instagram. On the other side, they can’t if they are not using any mod Instagram.

Zoom in or out

You could not see profile pictures of others by zooming them. It was a drag of course. But Instagram provides you this opportunity to see them by zooming in or out.

Needs Of Installing OG Instagram

Game of stories

Auto translation

Get to see comments, bios, captions on your selected language. They will be translated automatically, to your preferred language.

Download stories and share them anywhere you want. Hide if you have seen someone’s story from them. They won’t know whether you have seen it or not but you know what you did.