The Next Launcher APK is a wonderful application providing fancy 3D effects for your images and videos and making your Android device more creative and worthy.

This particular application is efficient and powerful with the help of gestures and it also provides a 3D screen preview with the help of screen switching and dazzling animation effects.

– Fancy 3D effects – Dazzling animation – Screen switching – 3D next widgets – Multiple selections of applications – 3D screen preview

Premium Features

This particular APK provides the transition of the home screen by different types of features like crystal, folding, cloth, and many more which are on the verge of releasing.

Full Features

3D home transition

Border Effects

The effects provided by the particular APK for creating wonderful borders are some of the best when it comes to the different applications which are operating in the same segment. It provides a shining and glittery effect for the home screen transition of the Android device.

With the help of the next launcher APK mod, you can and customize the different icons present in the Android device according to your need by changing their style, size, label, and also the angle at which they appear.

Full Features

Unique Icons

Gesture recognition

This particular mod APK provides the function of gesture recognition with the help of which you can easily use more than 8 different gestures on the home screen for activating your favorite applications.