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Alternative App: Meditopia Mod Apk


Water is essential for our bodies. Seventy per cent of the human body is made up of water. Moreover, lack of water intake can be harmful and lead to diseases like kidney diseases, skin pimples, etc. 

Everyone should drink a certain amount of water daily to be healthy. If you’re also concerned about your skincare routine, drinking water is the best way to make your skin clear and flawless. Water Tracker Mod Apk will remind you to take care of your water drinking routine. 

It will help you maintain an active drinking routine and tell you about new types of detox waters for you so you will stay healthy. Read till the end to know more benefits of this app.

Water Tracker Mod Apk 

Better Life – Health Apps offered this fantastic app on 22 January 2019; since then, it has helped over one million people to improve their health by adequate water intake. Its latest version, 2.12, was updated on 10 September 2022. 

Furthermore, it takes only 10.58 MB of storage of your device and can be installed easily on any device, including android version 5.0 & up. Water Tracker Mod Apk is developed for everyone, including all ages. 

From children to adults, anyone can use it and get a better drinking routine. Specialists suggest recipes and performance of water intake in this app so you can trust it. The app is also updated often to have a better experience while maintaining your health. 

The Hot Features of Water Tracker Mod Apk 

  • Daily Schedule 
  • Download for Free 
  • Healthy Detox Recipes 
  • Amazing Healthcare Tips 
  • Developed by Specialists 

What’s Inside the Mod? [Free Subscriptions]

This fantastic Water Tracker Mod Apk is a great app many healthcare experts recommend. You can download it for free. However, some things are locked, and you can only unlock them after subscription to its different costly packages. The premium health care tips can be more beneficial to you. 

Moreover, you may not find a free unlimited version of this app on the play store, and you may have to pay for its premium subscription. However, we provide you with a complete ultimate version of this game with everything unlocked for free. Check out some of the mod features listed below: 

  • Premium Healthcare Tips 
  • New Detox Recipes 
  • Unlimited Rewards in App 
  • Everything for Free 
  • Smart Reminders 

The Great Features of Water Tracker Mod Apk 

Beneficial Healthcare Tips 

Have you ever thought about the benefits of water? Water has hundreds of sound effects on the human body and is worthwhile for the human body. This app will tell you about numerous healthcare tips for using water. So download it now and learn about millions of ways to care for your health. 

Water Tracker Mod Apk

Scheduled Reminders 

A person should drink at least eight glasses of water daily; however, many people do not drink enough water because they are busy. If you are too busy to consume a healthy amount of water, you should install the Water Tracker Mod Apk right now because this app will notify you with scheduled reminders and help you reach your goals. 

Water Tracker Mod Apk

Effective Detox Recipes 

Not only can you carry a healthy routine, but you can also take care of your skin, weight, and body by drinking particular types of detox water. Numerous recipes are available in this app; you can also find one for your body type. 

Water Tracker Mod Apk

Unlimited Rewards 

Get unlimited rewards for completing different challenges and add a daily dose of healthcare to your routine. Take care of your health and have fun at the same Tim with Water Tracker Mod Apk

Water Tracker Mod Apk

Track Your Progress 

Keep track of your health and progress in water intake. Check out how much you’ve got healthier with these self-care tips. You can also make your kidneys and skin healthier and fresh. You can maintain one of the best diets by keeping track of your water intake. 

Personalize Water Intake 

You can also personalize your schedule and set reminders according to your timings. Similarly, you can also pin the detox recipes compatible with your body so they will be reminded of you by the app. Set the goals of how many glasses of water you want to take in a day and complete them with the help of this remarkable application. 

How to Use Water Tracker Mod Apk? 

This app is straightforward to use, so you would not need any tutorials; however, here we have some tips for efficiently using Water Tracker. First, you must log in to your Google or Facebook account to secure all your progress. 

Now go to daily reminders and set them so the app will notify you whenever it’s time to drink water. You can also track your progress daily using the track your progress feature. Below are some pro tips we have listed for you, so please check them out too. 

Pro Tips to Use Water Tracker Mod Apk

  • You can download a premium unlocked version from our website and unlock this app’s features for free. 
  • Customize the schedule as you wish. Go on to personalize features and change them according to your goals. 
  • Login to your Google or Facebook accounts to save all the progress forever. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is the Mod Version Safe? 

A. Yes, the mod version of this app is safe and compatible with any device, so you can download it without any doubt. 

2. How Do You Customize Schedules? 

A. Water intakes are reminded by the app automatically; however, you can also customize them by setting the reminders to a different time. 

3. Can I Find a Schedule According to My Body Type and Weight? 

A. Yes, your tasks are based on the information you set about yourselves. The app will prescribe a decent schedule according to your body weight and gender. 

Bottom Line 

Have you ever thought of diseases caused by a lack of water intake? If yes, and if you’re also concerned about your health, the first step you should take for a healthy body is to take a decent amount of water daily. 

Water Tracker Mod Apk reminds you to drink water daily and keep a record of your health so you can live carefreely! 

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