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Are you tired of SimCity’s limited features?


Do you want to play SimCity with unlimited money and more buildings?

SimCity Mod Apk is the perfect solution for your problem. This mod will allow you to add new buildings, modify existing ones, change textures, create custom maps, and more! With Sim City Mod Apk installed on your device, there are no limits to what you can do.

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SimCity Mod Apk

Welcome to the big leagues! You’re now head of your very own city that you get to design and create. The decisions are all yours, so choose wisely because every choice affects what happens in this metropolis.

Keep your citizens happy by making intelligent choices for them and make sure it continues growing with new skyscrapers on its skyline – but don’t forget about trading, chatting, competing, or joining clubs either if you want a little more fun out. Of life as Mayor too! Build yourself up until no one can stop an extraordinary future from happening for both you and this unique town we call home.

Simulation games are meant to replicate a real or imagined experience. The simulation genre can be divided into many other sub-genres, each of which provides players with different perceptions and valuable knowledge about something entirely different. One such game is SimCity BuildIt, which belongs to the management and construction genre and allows players to build their ideal city on a grand scale.

The game is both different from the others and unique. It always gives you new content to work with, and you can expand your city by adding more buildings or structures. That’s why we consider it as the best of those games in its genre.

image of SimCity Mod Apk

What Is SimCity Mod Apk

SimCity Mod Apk is a simulation game where you have to build like a complete city. You’re the only one who is responsible for every single work (Development works only).

Users have to establish the city by making residential areas, along with commercial and industrial sectors in order to have a proper cash flow.

You have to construct buildings and roads, then you need to provide services like transportation for the public, and obviously, you also have to maintain those services quite regularly.

While getting into too much development, the chances of pollution will increase, so beware of that also. This version of the SimCity game by EA (Electronic Arts) has also quite beautiful 3D graphics, unlike the previous ones.

SimCity mod apk is a free city simulation gaming application for Android users.

This game is published by Electronic Arts, a familiar name for all game lovers. The effect of this game is quite amazing. Presently, it has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. SimCity has 5-star ratings. 

SimCity was launched in the 1980s. This game has proved to be the best friend of many gamers. Why? Because this apk has a principal feature ‘ 3-D world ‘. It allows you to build a three-dimensional world that is bright and attractive. You can zoom in and zoom out to see your happy residents living. This game also has the effects: Day/night and weather changes from season to season. 

You can collect several currencies from SimCity such as Simoleons, SimCash, Golden key, etc.

SimCity Pro Apk

SimCity Pro Apk is a popular simulator in which you may develop a vast and successful city, complete all citizen needs, and generate employment. Construct hospitals and public facilities to protect residents from fires and other calamities,

keep a watch on the town’s ecological health and work to reduce pollution. Construct stores and other recreational amenities to provide respite for your inhabitants, flatten the ground, and build coastlines for family fun

Protect your city from invaders or fight in Club Wars against other governors. Collaborate with your Club members to develop successful plans and wage war on different regions.

Accumulate significant prizes that may be used in combat or to enhance your city. Additionally, compete against other gamers in the Competition of Mayors, where you may accomplish weekly tasks and work your way up the league standings.

SimCity Mod Apk

Features Of SimCity Mod Apk

Some SimCity Mod Apk features make this game one of the best Sim City games in recent years.

#1 No Root Access Required

You don’t need to have root access. The first and most important thing about SimCity BuildIt distinguishes it from other similar games, which usually require you to be rooted to play them.

#2 Unlimited Money

This game also offers unlimited money, which means that players can purchase any buildings they want without having limits on how much they can buy or what type of building has an upper limit for purchasing where there’s a specific price per item.

#3 Much More Buildings And Structures

There are many more buildings and structures available in SimCity Mod Apk than in the original Sim City. After all, this is an unofficial version with some modifications made by modders who like playing this game too! That’s why SimCity is more fun than Sim City Build it and Sim Cities in general.

#4 Different Skins For Buildings

It also offers different skins for buildings which means players can purchase a building, then choose the skin they want so that their city will have an entirely new look to it! This feature isn’t available in Sim City BuildIt yet, but we hope that this will soon be added.

#5 Custom Maps And Terrain Too

The terrain and maps are made by modders who love SimCity games just like you do; that’s why there’s always something new coming out every day – from custom terrains to even better-looking cities with mountains or rivers included on them (or without).

This SimCity game also offers the possibility of connecting with Facebook, which means you can compete or chat with your friends playing Sim City Built too!

SimCity Mod Apk

#6 Unlimited Resources

One essential feature is unlimited resources. You can build as many buildings and structures as you want without worrying about how much of each resource it will take or if you’ll get limits because there are no such things in SimCity BuildIt.

#7 Get Ready-Made Buildings

Many buildings come with the game, and you don’t have to build any of them from scratch. You can choose one, then leave it up to your residents to make use of what’s been built for them.

In Sim City Buildout, players can complete some quests and missions when they’re bored or if they want something new in their city. Some things you’ll see on these quests include challenges like making sure everyone has enough space, achieving a certain population level, or building a specific structure before someone else does – all while having fun at the same time!

SimCity mod app also lets you play as different characters. You can choose your Sim and play as them, which Sim City BuildIt doesn’t offer at the moment, but we hope it will work in the future too.

#8 Super Sound Quality And Graphics

The SimCity mod app has a much better sound quality than other similar games. One cool Sim City BuildIt feature is that you can enjoy the game without any graphics glitches or bugs because SimCity Mod Apk was created with care and dedication to detail! This app has no graphical errors, which means it’s more stable and more accessible for people to play.

The SimCity mod app is also the best Simcity game in terms of graphics. There are a lot more animations, objects, and buildings that appear on the screen when you’re playing SimCity Mod Apk than any other Simcity games out there (including Sim City BuildIt).

#9 Ad-Free Playing

If you like SimCity games but can’t stand the ads, SimCity is probably your best option. The fun doesn’t have any of these annoying pop-ups or anything, and it’s straightforward to play too – even if all of this is new for you!

#10 Free To Download

This SimCity game is free to download and play, so you don’t need any in-game purchases or anything else. You have to download SimCity Mod Apk from the link we have given.

How To Download The SimCity Mod Apk?

You can download the app by following the below steps:

  • Download the latest version of the app from our given link
  • Open the downloaded APK file
  • Click on the install button( It may ask permission)
  • Wait for some time
  • Enjoy the game
images of SimCity Mod Apk

How To Play SimCity Mod Apk?

You can play the SimCity Mod Apk in the following ways:

Build Your City

The player’s primary goal is to build and develop the city, attract more people, and invest in many projects. There are different kinds of buildings for citizens to use. BuildIt: SimCity offers a diverse management system that is more challenging yet flexible than other games.

This game is different from other games in that there are no timers in the game. The player can upgrade at their own pace and will not be forced to move on.

Build Different Buildings For The Cities

The SimCity mod app has a lot more buildings than Sim City BuildIt. Players can build new structures or use the pre-built ones to create their cityscape.

With SimCity, you get to design and build your virtual city. Your goal is to provide enough resources so that your city operates efficiently, smoothly, and over the long term.

But how do you achieve this?

For starters, players must build all of the game’s most important buildings, including residential zones (to help keep people happy), industrial zones (for goods & services), and particular areas like casinos or stadiums for tourism income. Plus, if resident moods are above average and friendly, it’ll improve revenue and attract more valuable investments for increased profitability! Of course, as you continue building or expanding a city over time, its revenue increases – so go ahead – show off your expertise in SimCity Buildit at modded APK.

Put Your Imagination On The MAP

Explore new contemporary or traditional neighborhoods, and unlock landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty. Discover exciting new features with future-focused cities while exploring realms such as sports stadiums. Impress your city with rivers, lakes, and forests; expand on the beachfront property or mountain slope. Unlock new districts for exploration like Sunny Isles or Frosty Fjords, each offering unique architectural style possibilities. There’s always a chance to make your city one of a kind!

Featured Image SimCity Mod Apk


There are some common questions about SimCity Mod Apk that you might have.

Q:1 Is SimCity free to play?

Yes, SimCity is free to play.

Q:2 Is SimCity dead?

No SimCity is available to play.

Q:3 Is SimCity Mod Apk for Android?

Yes, it is available on android devices. You can download it from the link we’ve given below.


SimCity Mod Apk is a fun and exciting way to develop and build your virtual city. The game offers an exciting management system that challenges you yet at the same time gives you plenty of freedom & flexibility in gameplay. If Sim City BuildIt isn’t enough for you, then the SimCity mod app will be perfect because it has more buildings, better sound quality, graphics with no glitches or bugs – all this without annoying ads popping up now then so enjoy here on our site for free.

Download SimCity Mod Apk V1.48.2.113489 [100% Unlimited Money/Coins]

Download (29 MB)
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