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SD Maid Pro Apk is an app and file management tool that helps you to keep your device clean and tidy! guys, your mobile storage is full and you don’t know what is in your file so with the help of SD Maid Pro Apk you can clean your device

do you have files and folders on your mobile that you don’t use and you don’t know where the files and folders, so you can easily find file and folder and you can clean unnecessary and unusual files with the help of SD Maid Pro Apk

SD Maid Pro Apk

this app unlocks all features and enabling all additional features, It offers a collection of tools to manage apps and files, guys if you want pro features so read all post

Due to lack of storage, many problems arise in our mobile such as freezes, unable to download apps from play store, mail syncing and many. To get rid out of this, you have to clear out some space for your device, so you can do it with the help of SD Maid Mod Apk

What Is SD Maid Pro Apk

SD Maid Pro Apk is the advanced cleaner and file managing app with a simple user interface that will help to navigate all features easily and create more storage by deleting unusual and duplicates files and folders, and also remove installed and uninstalled apk file but not original apk

Guys this app also runs Rooted and unrooted device Still, rooted devices have the capability to control apps and can use root explorer to manage system-wide things.

Download SD Maid Pro Apk

SD Maid - Systemreiniger
SD Maid - Systemreiniger
Developer: darken
Price: Free+
SD Maid Pro Apk
SD Maid Pro Apk
APK Name SD Maid Pro Apk
APK Size  7.35 MB
Current Version 4.14.38
Installs 10 M+
Requires android 4.1 and up
Mod Free
Developer darken

How To Download & Install SD Maid Pro Apk

Download and installation of SD Maid Pro Apk is very easy, firstly you click on download button and download this app on your device,

after download, you can do this step-

after downloading you click on app and install, then you allow all requirements and use this app, “Let’s Enjoy”

Key Features Of SD Maid Pro Apk

  • Easy To Access- QuickAccess
  • Search All Files and Folders
  • App Control
  • CorpseFinder
  • System Cleaner
  • App Cleaner
  • Duplicates
  • Analyzer
  • Database
  • Scheduler
  • Exclusions
  • Statistics
  • Ads Free

there are many more features so Guys if you want to know the details of all features and you want to video for how to use SD Maid Pro Apk so I have explained all the features below and have also shared the video hoe to use it.

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Full Features Of SD Maid Pro Apk

1. Explorer

The Explorer is a file browser similar to those used on a desktop computer. It offers you various actions such as to copy/cut, create, rename or delete items. If SD Maid runs with root permission you will be able to do anything.

be careful, with what you do here

2. Searcher

Here you can easily search any file and folders, firstly enter the filename you want to search for.

  • supported wildcards are * and?
  • you may search through  file contents, but this can take some time

3. App control

with the help of app control, all your installed applications are listed here. to show system application check the settings. Tapping a time will reveal the actions that are available for it. What action are available depends on the app and if SD maid has root

4. System cleaner

  • with the help of these features, you can scan for unwanted files and deleted them safely.
  • the system cleaner scans for known files types and location that can usually be safely deleted
  • firstly click cleaner button then automatically scan or filters all file and folders and detect unwanted files, unusual files and remove it

5. App Cleaner

  • With the help of app cleaner, you can clear deletes the app data by excluding the important one
  • your application are scanned for files that can be deleted without losing important data
  • this does not delete application settings and original apps

6. Duplicates

  • In this section, only files that are exactly the same are displayed. this is ensured by comparing checksums and size
  • Filename and dates are irrelevant. It is ensured that you always have a copyleft

7. Storage Analyzer

Find out what is taking up your space. Items are ordered by size which is displayed in comparison to other items in the same location.

8. Databases

this will optimize databases by using the SQL command VACUUM. It improves database performance by releasing empty pages no data is lost

9. Scheduler 

Add scheduler for some of the above features to let itself run automatically

10. Exclusions

You can exclude particular folder or subfolder by giving the proper path

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Conclusion Of AVG Pro Apk

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etcc.. so comment fast, I will reply.SD Maid Pro Apk is an app and file management tool that helps you to keep your device clean and tidy! guys, your mobile storage is full and you don’t know what is in your file so with the help of SD Maid Pro Apk you can clean your device

So, friends, I have told you everything about this app, if you have any questions, then you can comment on us If you liked this app, then click on the download button and download this app.

Public Review 

Review By- Richie Y

This app deserves 10 stars. So I am going to rate it 5 full stars here. And in my mind another 5 stars so you can have the full 10-star rating. This app is amazing. I like the way it clears any leftover files when you uninstall apps. It checks for duplicated files. And more. Brilliant app well worth keeping hold off on my device. Nice one to the developer. 😊😊👍👍
Review By- Rui Liberal
I NEVER rate anything, but this is not an app; it is a miracle. I have a tab that just a few seconds ago was completely useless; always stoping and/or crashing, exiting apps without premission… Now is a new machine with a new life and as fast as I expected to be. Thanks, guys and keep up the wonderful work. PS- I will go pro as soon as possible. You deserve de support.

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