Punchy Race Mod Apk v8.6.0 Latest [Unlimited Money] 2023

App Name Punchy Race Mod Apk
Genre Action
Size 61 Mb
Version v8.6.0
MOD Info Premium
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Last Updated September 14, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Alternative Game: Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk


Are you into fighting and action games? We have brought you a similar one that you will love playing. Punchy Race Mod Apk is a new game that has been all over the internet because of its unique gameplay. 

Gaming features it has made a lot of fan base, and all the players love this game. The game’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, and players can play this game without any trouble. And there are so many levels in it that the player can never get bored playing it.

Punchy Race Mod Apk

The Casual Azur Games built this game last year, and in such a short time, it has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. 

Punchy Race Mod Apk has unique and fun gameplay where the player will train his character and make him fight against different fighters during the constant run.

This article will share some of the most impressive features you will get in this game. And we have also mentioned the Mod version of this game which will let you get unlimited and premium things of this game for free.

The Hot Features of Punchy Race Mod Apk

  • The game has simple run and fights gameplay.
  • The 2D graphics are very high in quality and gives a great gaming experience.
  • Train your character before sending it to a fight against villains.
  • The levels in Punchy Race are unlimited means endless gameplay for the players.
  • There are opponents, fighters, and an end boss you must kill to go to the last stage of the level.
  • Collect all the dumbbells on the runway to get stronger, healthy, and more masculine.
  • There are different skins to use on your character.
  • Use the stickers and colors on your character to make him look cool and different from the others.

What’s Inside the Mod [Modified Version]

If you want to play this game without disturbance or restriction, you must play the Punchy Race Mod Apk. It is the altered version of the original game, which will give access to unlimited features for free, which regular games cost you to use. The tools and features you will be getting are:

  1. No popping ads during the gameplay forever.
  2. Unlimited money and cash.
  3. Maximize your dumbbell numbers at every level.
  4. Kill any opponent with minimum power loss.
  5. All the customization options are unlocked.

The Blazing Features of Punchy Race Mod Apk

Collect Dumbbells

This game’s main interface and gameplay are that you have to make your hero bigger and stronger than its opponents. While running in the pathways, there will be dumbbells lying there, which you must collect. They will also give the charger power to fight against the villains and the end boss.

punchy race mod apk

Simple Math

Every character in the Punchy Race Mod Apk has a power number on his head. It is shown on your opponents, villains, and end boss. You can compare that number with your character to know who is more powerful. So you can collect more dumbbells and be stronger than before.

punchy race mod apk

Online Players

This game also supports multiplayer mode. Hundreds of online people are playing this game whom you can interact with. Please invite them for a fight on different levels and fight together or against each other. There is a scoreboard where you can see which teammate is on top.

punchy race mod apk

Customization Options

The players get many customization options for their character and game too. In Punchy Race Mod Apk, you can add stickers to your player. Also, add stickers on their body to make them different than the others. You can use these customization tools with the money you win in the levels.

High Graphics & Sound

These two features are the most important, and this game has the best of them. The display quality is wonderful, players get a premium experience playing this game, and the background sound is very entertaining.

How to Use Punchy Race Mod Apk?

The Mod of this game can be installed on any device very easily. It is available for free on hundreds of websites online. Just download the game file from there and install it on your mobile. It doesn’t even require your device to be rooted. The game will start instantly, and the play button will be displayed.

Pro Tips for Punchy Race Mod Apk

  • No Sign up is required, which means your data is not going anywhere.
  • Participate in a competition to get the top rank on the scoreboard.
  • Collect as many dumbbells as you can to be more powerful.
  • Customize your character and make him different looking.
  • Make your hero number higher than the boss for winning.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Punchy Race Available for Androids? 

A. Yes, you can play this game on all mobile devices for free. It can be played easily on devices with Androids 5 and above version. It is also available on Google Play Store, iTunes, and Microsoft app store.

2. What is the Age Limit for Punchy Race?

A. As this game has violent and fighting gameplay, it is restricted for kids to play it. It can be harmful to them mentally and visually. The age group above 12 years is only allowed.

3. What is IO Arena in Punchy Race?

A. There are online players always playing this game. And for them to interact with and play against, there is an IO Arens. In it, you can fight against any player in the world and compete for the first prize.


All these fantastic features have triggered me to play this game once. So you must give it a try, and we are sure you are going to love it. 

Punchy Race Mod Apk is a different game than any other one you have played, so it will be great to have a change. So play this game and share it with your friends to have a fun time together.

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