Pot Farm Mod Apk v30.0.13 (Free Shopping)

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Last Updated September 14, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Pot Farm Mod Apk is an Android game where you grow, harvest, and sell Pot Plants to earn money. Pot plants are grown in pots and can be harvested every 4 hours for a different amount of cash, depending on the type of pot plant.


Pot plants take time to grow, so it’s essential to keep your farm running smoothly by having enough pots, fertilizer and water available.

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Pot Farm Mod Apk
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Pot Farm Mod Apk

The most addictive weed game on mobile is here! Start by planting seeds, harvesting buds, and growing your business—upgrade contraptions to make stoner products while making deliveries and filling orders for customers who want dank edibles. Unlock gizmos as you decorate your farm with custom cars while becoming the next marijuana mogul in this 420 friendly farming sim.

Pot Farm Mod Apk is the most realistic, in-depth weed game ever made! You can grow plants and make money or smoke your profits away. Pot Farm isn’t just about making lots of cash; it’s also about building a community with unique characters. Discover special products to help you get that farm running smoothly while unlocking new gadgets to decorate your 420 paradises with custom cars.

Pot Farm Mod Apk
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Pot Farm Mod Apk: Features

There are many ways to make Pot Farm fun! Besides growing Pot Plants, you can spend your cash on custom cars, smoke weed with friends, and buy gizmos. Pot Farm Mod Apk is a simulation game where time passes by even when it’s closed, so be sure to check in every few hours or pay the price of neglecting your Pot Farms.

Plant, water, and trim plants in your grow-op.

Pot Farm Mod Apk will have you hooked on growing weed. Pot plants are grown in pots and can be harvested every few hours for a different amount of cash, depending on the type of pot plant. Pot plants take time to grow, so it’s essential to keep your farm running smoothly by having enough pots, fertilizer, and water available!.

Harvest over 15 potent strains of Sativa and Indica

There are more than 15 Pot plants in to grow, harvest, and sell. Pot Plant types include Purple Kush, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Green Crack, White Widow, and more! Pot Plants take time to grow, so it’s essential to keep your farm running smoothly by having enough pots for each plant type available.

Complete orders for your weed hungry customers

Customers will come looking for Pot products at your Pot Farm. They’ll want dank edibles or some other type of weed product to satisfy their cravings. Each customer has a different order. You can complete orders by harvesting the suitable Pot Plant types, fertilizing them with specific gizmos, and growing enough plants in time before fulfilling each order perfectly.

Hire workers to help on the farm

As your Pot Farm grows, it’ll take more time to keep things running smoothly. You can hire workers at the Job Centre to help with planting seeds, harvesting crops, and other farming duties while you focus on more significant tasks like making deliveries or growing Pot Plants. Hire characters to collect weed for cash by unlocking new employees in this Pot Plant simulation game!

Complete daily challenges for rewards

Daily Challenges are part of every good farm simulator. They’re simple activities that will earn some extra Pot Bucks if completed before the timer runs out. Daily Challenges include tapping specific items on the screen a certain number of times and meeting all orders from specific customers within one hour, which is great for multiplayer games when everyone works together to complete each daily challenge perfectly.

Build the Bakery, Mill, Dairy, and Pasture to collect new ingredients and products

New items will become available for purchase as you unlock Pot Farm gizmos and expand your Pot Plant empire. The Bakery is a great place to gather ingredients like flour or sugar, while the Dairy allows you to gather milk from cows found at the pasture. Gather hemp by building the Mill and use it as fertilizer in your Pot Farms! With all these different Pot Farm recipes, you’ll always have something interesting going on when playing this farm simulator game.

Collect Gizmo to turn production up to 11

New gizmos become available as you unlock them. Special Pot plants can be purchased with Pot Bucks which are earned by completing tasks around the farm like harvesting crops or fulfilling orders from customers. You’ll also earn Potbucks by levelling up your character in this addicting weed-growing game.

Pot Farm Mod Apk
Pot Farm Mod Apk Free Shopping

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How To Download And Install The Pot Farm Mod Apk?

Downloading Pot Farm Mod Apk is easy, so you can get right into playing Pot Farm.

Steps to follow:

  • Download Pot Farm mod Apk from the download button below and save it on your device’s storage space.
  • After successfully downloading Pot Farm, go ahead and click on the Pot Farm mod Apk icon, which will launch this game directly, or else search for the PotFarm file in the App section of your device to run it manually.
  • Proceed with the installation process by following the simple steps presented over there. Once done, hit the open button & start enjoying this excellent weed-growing simulator.

Pot Farm Mod Apk: The Gameplay

Decorate your farm by collecting decorations and workers from different monthly themes and daily events. Clear out your plot of land, then place the ornaments in any position you want.

The best farm is a pot farm. Turn your phone into a fully functional, organic farming enterprise and start earning Karma points by planting different strains of marijuana. Develop skills to unlock unique monthly worker characters and exclusive decorations to make your grow room even better! Collect Karma Rewards for gardening responsibly with the Pot Farm Mod Apk app for adults who want more than their candy crush fix.


I hope you enjoyed reading my Pot Farm mod Apk review. Pot Farm is an excellent game for fans of farming simulators looking to take their farm on the go with this Pot Plant simulator app. If you want more, download Pot Farm Mod Apk and start growing your weed empire today.

Download Pot Farm Mod Apk v30.0.13 (Free Shopping)

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