PickCrafter Mod Apk v5.11.06 Latest [Unlimited Picks] 2023

App Name PickCrafter Mod Apk
Genre Casual
Size 78M
Version v5.11.06
MOD Info Premium
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Last Updated September 14, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Alternative App: Minion Rush Mod Apk


Have you guys ever got extremely bored at some point in your lifetime? I’m pretty sure that you have gone through that time and have absolutely nothing to do and just sitting and scrolling through your phone. So, we might have something for you that you might find appealing.

In PickCrafter Mod Apk, you’ll be digging and picking your way through various biomes and terrains to gather as many blocks as you can. Use them to improve your pickaxes, gain access to new powers, and utilize a variety of fun perks to help you with Pick Crafter challenges.

PickCrafter Mod Apk

As you try to find precious objects like gold pieces, collect items and gears, and explore the far depths of the Earth. You can explore various intriguing mining features in the universe of PickCrafter. To mine more quickly, upgrade your characters. Enjoy collecting valuable blocks, battling fascinating mining bosses, and other activities.

To help you earn more money in the game and outside of it, upgrade your gear and buy specific products and boosts. In PickCrafter, you can make high money by collecting unique goodies. Take your time and enjoy the game whenever you can.

The Cool Features of PickCrafter Mod Apk

  • A captivating and enjoyable idle crafting simulation game.
  • Swing a pickaxe or a sword to collect different materials.
  • Invest in new tools and equipment.
  • To earn some boss gifts, you must defeat them.
  • Engage in combat with your pals and achieve over 90 goals.
  • A position of leadership

What’s Inside the Mod [Golden Unlocked]

In PickCrafter, all the options can be used without fees. You do not have to pay to use all the features again and again. In the mod version, you get unlimited money to spend on developing your axes and much more. 

All paid currency options are open in the mod version for android users. There are no ads to disturb you during the game. The user interface is very attractive and smooth for an amazing gaming experience. 

The Appealing Features of PickCrafter Mod Apk

Fun Without Limits

This is a fantastic game for unwinding; players won’t have to finish any objectives, and there is no pressure or competition. Instead, the game circuit moves along extremely gradually and continually. 

The game’s enjoyment comes from your desire to explore. The more intriguing riddles you uncover, the deeper you go underground. The player is not bored while playing, despite the lack of a clear objective.

PickCrafter Mod Apk

Discover The Straightforward Yet Incredibly Fun Clicker Game

Additionally, PickCrafter Mod Apk offers fun idle clicker gameplay, which you can unwind with whenever you have the time. Swing your pickaxe against the platforms by tapping on the screen to reveal new, lucrative blocks.

Use the gesture controls to unleash your epic swings to break blocks whenever you choose. There will be many craft-able building blocks and PPS for you to gather as you mine. You are welcome to take them as you mine your path to success.

PickCrafter Mod Apk

Plenty of Interesting Upgrades and Boosters to Earn Better Money

Additionally, players are free to make a variety of amusing enhancements to improve their financial situation and make the game more engaging. Alternatively, use the offered boosters to earn significantly more money each time you use them. Utilize the idle improvements to increase your income while you’re not online.

PickCrafter Mod Apk

Feel Free to Make Multiple Upgrades to Your Pickaxes

In addition, to allow you to effectively mine with your pickaxes, gamers in PickCrafter can also pick up multiple upgrades on their pickaxes. Increase its stats as you find yourself being able to penetrate through much tougher surfaces. 

Moreover, the game also features an interesting crafting option that you can use to create your own favourite tools for mining.

PickCrafter Mod Apk

Take On Interesting Boss Battles

PickCrafter Mod Apk also introduces Android players to thrilling boss battles, where you can take on and destroy intriguing bosses through a series of engaging mini-games, in contrast to other idle clicker games of a similar nature. 

As you battle improbable bosses like the moles and similar enemies, feel free to gather special prizes and win your Trophies. 

Kill them to gain more prestige so you can reach the next level. Additionally, you can pick up and complete a lot of intriguing in-game milestones. Gain unique awards, and feel free to boast to your friends.

Enjoy Unlimited Money

Your exploration of new areas expands as time goes on, which makes mining much more time-consuming. You also must contend with difficult terrain; it could be dirt, rock, enduring metal ores, etc. 

They won’t be destroyed at this point by the crude hoe. Therefore, to get the most out of PickCrafter, you must upgrade and renew your pickaxe.

How to Use PickCrafter Mod Apk?

This app’s Mod isn’t offered in the Google Play Store. However, it is available in numerous online locations and is free to download. 

You guys must find a trusted site where PickCrafter is available to download. Then, you download and install the mod and enjoy its premium features for free. 

Pro Tips for PickCrafter Mod Apk

  • You must make sure the website is authentic to keep your data secure.
  • Make an account to save your progress in the game
  • Don’t waste Runic
  • Regarding your prestige level, upgrade your equipment as much as possible.
  • Focus on the player skill tree first.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Runic?

A. Runic is a very rare resource you can acquire through some offers or buy from the shop if you’re really interested.

2. Is it Safe to Use This PickCrafter Mod Apk?

A. Yes, using PickCrafter on any device is secure. Each software and game on our website have been reviewed by the experienced team. When using this application, you don’t need to be concerned about your security or privacy.

3. Can I Play This Game Offline?

A. This game may be played offline, yes. However, some paid things, as usual, require an internet connection to be purchased.


PickCrafter Mod Apk can be a perfect choice if you enjoy simulation games and wish to play some idle clicker games. Gather as many treasures as possible with your pickaxe right now to unlock a variety of mythic goodies.

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