Ivacy VPN Mod Apk V7.1.3 Download [Premium Unlocked] 2023

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Alternative App: SkyVPN Premium Apk


The internet is a terrifying place nowadays. We have always heard of some hackers on the internet trying to get their hands on our personal data using the internet service we use. 

So, to avoid such threats, we must secure the internet server we are on, and for that, a VPN is the only option.

Now with so many options, which one will be the best for you? We suggest you try the Ivacy VPN Mod Apk, which is the most trusted and efficient in its category. You will learn more about it further.

Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

VPN comes in really handy for many things. Enabling access to any content not available in your country, securing your server, helping your secure your personal device, etc. All that and many more are available for users in Ivacy VPN Mod Apk.

The rating and reviews of this app are far better than any other VPN app. And in the Mod version, we are discussing here gives you all the premium features of this app for free, which is great for every user.

The Key Features of Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

  • Hundreds of internet servers of different countries for the user to select from.
  • The connectivity to any server is high-speed and secure.
  • The app increases the internet speed on your device with the new server connection.
  • Hundreds of international streaming channels are available in Ivacy VPN Mod Apk to get access to any content.
  • The link is just a single click away.
  • Use this VPN on multiple devices at once, and is also available for PC and Laptops.
  • The customer helpline service is available 24/7.
  • This app is certified by the most Alliance, a global security standard. Which means it is secure for you to use.

What’s Inside the Mod [Modern Unlocked]

Like every other VPN app, this one also has a premium version. Even though it is very cheap, we will still save every penny of yours. And that’s why we bring you the Ivacy VPN Mod Apk, where you will get all the features of the premium app without paying for anything.

  • You will get unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited servers for you to connect to.
  • No ads pre or post-server connectivity.
  • 100+ location servers, including Europe, the UK, and Australia.
  • All the streaming channels in the app are unlocked.

The Amazing Features of Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

Smart & Quick Interface

This app has a straightforward yet efficient AI programmed in it. The connectivity to any server is rapid. A single click is needed to secure your device from every possible threat. The connection is always solid and works fine on every link, like 4G/LTE, 3G, or Wi-fi.

Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

Most Secure VPN

Now, if you are installing an internet security app on your device, it has to be secure. Many are not, but Ivacy VPN Mod Apk is your safest VPN app. It’s been certified by ioXt Alliance as a secure application for every device. So you’re your device is safe from the internet and any app virus too.

Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

Unblock Content

VPN secures your internet server and allows you to use that region’s server and access all the media, content, or websites blocked in your own area. It just breaks every wall of restrictions for you. Watching all the shows which are banned in your country will be fun.

Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

Multiple Devices

To secure your internet connection, you must use a VPN on all your internet devices. With Ivacy VPN Mod Apk, you can do that easily, as this app is available for all mobile devices, Laptops, and PCs. You can use the same account on 5 devices simultaneously, which is very helpful.

Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

Streaming Channels

Now, this app has introduced an impressive feature. With this one, you wouldn’t have to connect to a different server before accessing a particular channel. Just enable the streaming mode and instantly enjoy all streaming media like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime with high-speed video streaming on your device.

Virus Protection

Along with disclosing every possible internet threat, Ivacy VPN Mod Apk blocks all virus attacks on your device even before it enters. You get notified instantly if any website might be harmful to your device. Or if any file you are downloading has a virus or malware threat.

How to Use Ivacy VPN Mod Apk?

This app is straightforward to use. After you open the app, the location selection will appear before you select one of those and click on the connect icon. You will be connected to that particular server instantly. It is also free to download from many online websites on Google.

Pro Tips for Ivacy VPN Mod Apk

  • Download this app from a trusted website for privacy reasons.
  • In case of any problem contact the helpline.
  • Get access to every content blocked in your country with a single click.
  • Give it all the required permissions, including the location one.
  • Connect to different servers to see which works better on your device and internet connections.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ivacy VPN Free App? 

A. This app has a free version, too. Still, it has few servers, and the connectivity is less efficient. You can subscribe to the premium if you want a better option with more features and services.

2. What Are the Prices of Premium Packages?

A. The app has three different timeline packages you can subscribe to. One is for $1.83/per month, /$3.33/per six months, and the last is for $21.95/ Year. These are actually very affordable prices.

3. Can Netflix Work with Ivacy VPN?

A. With the streaming mode in this app, you can easily use all the streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and any other block in your region.


The internet attacks are so dangerous and silent that you would even know about them, so precaution is always better. And with that, you will get access to all the content and sites unavailable in your region. So, install the Ivacy VPN Mod Apk on your device now and be secure every time.

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