Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk v1.976 [All Truck Unlocked]

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Last Updated September 14, 2023 (9 months ago)
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The users always love to try something new and more adventurous. Normal car racing and bike racing fed up the users. And these game sound very poor. 

So, developers often try to introduce something advanced, modern, and updated games website that will become favourable for the users. 

Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk is one of the updated versions of the truck racing game where the users will try their best to control the big engine by giving it full strength. 

This article will discuss some important features and how to use this game. The users will enjoy the likely features of the game. 

Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk

It is one of the simulator games published by DEHA. The developer, along with a huge number of members, designs the game in such a manner that will make you love the game. 

The extraordinary features of the game are that the users can customize their truck by choosing the colours, selecting the location where they want to drive, and how they will help others by collecting the goods and earning money. 

The users will focus on their journey and how much time they can take by delivering the stuff to the clients if he is late, so their money will be deducted. But if he completes his order on the given time, he will be awarded for it. 

Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk added some other features in this updated version as the users can easily upgrade their game and will be notified through notification.

Flexibility in controlling trucks as it is very difficult to control a heavy vehicle, but with the help of the elements that display on your device will help you to control it easily. The users can also enjoy a realistic view of the game. 

The Silent Features of Heavy Truck Simulator Mod APK 

Heavy truck game is also available in all the files, but the modified version of this game is named Heavy Truck Simulator. The users will enjoy the extra features of this game as modern interphase, truck customization, venue selection, and many more. 

  • Stunning Gameplay.
  • Original Sound Effect Customization
  • Unlocked Levels
  • Unlimited Money

What’s Inside the Mod [VIP Unlocked] 

The users of Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk will relish the mod features as well, where there are several options for them. Some of the features of the modified version are given below: 

  1. Unlimited Money 
  2. Unlocked Levels
  3. Unusual Visual Effect 

The Epic Features of Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk 

Amazing Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very easy and lovely. All the options are displayed on the screen of the device. The users can control the movement of the truck by using those options. 

heavy truck simulator mod apk

Interesting Visual Effects 

The interesting visual effect of the game gives a soothing impact on the user’s sight. All the scenery seems natural such as streets, sunny days, cloudy days, and rainy days giving a realistic touch to the game. 

heavy truck simulator mod apk

Amazing Graphics Design 

The graphics play a vital role in the game’s development, and the developer spends much time developing delightful and engaging graphics.

Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk’s graphics are designed in 3D, giving a realistic touch to the game. 

heavy truck simulator mod apk

Original Sound Effect 

When the driver starts the truck, it gives a sound that seems original and real. The users can feel the feelings of a real truck driver by playing this simulation game. 

The original sound effect makes the game slightly natural and very interesting, and users take an interest in it while playing it. 

Realistic View of Street

To give a realistic touch to the game and make it slightly real for the users. The illustrations used by the developer make the game more realistic and active. The users enjoy the sight of the game. 

Flexibility in Controlling Truck 

The Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk brings flexibility in controlling the truck. It is a little bit difficult for the users to drive the heavy truck on the street, but the users are flexible by the signs in it. The traffic signs and many more make driving easy for the driver. 

Customization of Truck 

The game’s player can customize their game by choosing the truck colours and sizes of the truck and their street. The users can earn money by delivering the goods on time by travelling for many days to reach the destination. 

Easy to Upgrade 

The game is upgraded by adding some new features to it. This upgrade brings profound change to the previous and recent games, and users enjoy many of its new and amazing features. 

Tricky Control of Truck 

The users of Heavy Truck Simulator will learn a new skull of driving, and that is driving a heavy truck. The heavy truck needs some special skills as compared to driving a car. 

The users come to know the tricky steps of controlling the truck. The users will understand how to control the truck breaks and balance them on the street. 

How to Play Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk? 

The users can play the Heavy Truck Simulator by installing the game on the device. The users can select their choice of truck and also location. Now take order for goods delivery.

This is part of your job, and you should promptly send the order to the given address. The more you are according the time more you will earn money. If you are lazy, your money will be deducted from you due to the late arrival of goods. 

Pro Tips for Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk 

  • Firstly, download the Heavy Truck Simulator.
  • The users must download the apk file of the game. 
  • Install the game by allowing third-party interference. 
  • Please choose your favourite colour truck and bring changes according to it. 
  • Enjoy your game by playing this amazing truck game. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. What is Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk?

A. Heavy Truck Simulator is one the simulator games where the users can play heavy truck games. 

Why Should We Install This Game?

A. The users should install this game for entertainment and earn unlimited money.


Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk is an optimistic game for racing lovers where they can drive heavy engines using special skills. 

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