Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk v1.95 Latest [Premium Unlocked]

App Name Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk
Genre Role Playing
Size 210 Mb
Version v1.95
MOD Info Premium
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Last Updated September 14, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Who doesn’t like role-playing games? Being in control of characters and making them interact in the game as you want. We have found you the best game options for this theme. Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk is the game that you will love to play after you try it once.

It is very popular among the gaming community online because of its unique characters. This game has many other features that make it way better than others. In this article, you will learn a lot more about this game.

Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

The theme of this game is idle battling. You can choose between different characters and fight with them again other idles. Holyday Studios have built Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk to give gamers a unique and better gaming idea. You will surely always enjoy playing this game.

With over 4.3 star ratings, this game is making a great success from the first day. And you can also play the mod version of this game, which gives you a ton more than what the regular game offers, which will be even better.

The Key Features of Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

  • Smart and quick interface than any other game.
  • Easy to play and control game for quick understanding.
  • Hundreds of powerful characters to unlock in the game.
  • A team battles against the opponent to play in big fights.
  • Interact with the online community playing this game and fight with them anytime.
  • Firestone Idle RPG works perfectly on every mobile device.
  • Explore other kingdoms, fight against the idles there and conquer that world.
  • Learn new skills and make your team powerful.
  • Upgrade your idles and their powers to win every fight against your opponent.

What’s Inside the Mod [Modified Version]

To get full access to this game’s resources, you must use the Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk. It will give you everything which the standard game interface charges for. It is completely safe for your device and has free premium features for the user. The features you will get are:

  • No popping ads in the game forever.
  • Unlimited gold and gems.
  • God mode for a better game than other players.
  • No time limit for opening the quest and prize chests.
  • All the worlds are accessible to explore and conquer.

The Glorious Features of Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

Build Your Team

There are tons of idle characters for the player to play with. As you play the game, you will eventually unlock all those characters. Each is unique and has different power and attacking capabilities than others. So to make a strong team unlock them and fight together.

Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk


To make every single character of your team the most powerful, you must upgrade them regularly. Teach them new skills, boost their attacking powers and customize their look in Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk. This is also fun to do as you can make your team look as you like.

Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

Auto Battle

In the game, you will get in many fights regularly. You go against different teams to fight with your team and try to win. There is an auto-battle mode that you can enable in the mid-fight. This will allow res back, and the game’s AI will fight against them himself.

Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

Fight with Legend Bosses

A good game always has cool and dangerous bosses. And Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk has tons of those. There is a different Bose in every fight you get into. You have to beat him if you want to win the battle. They will be more powerful than the last one.

Explore Different Worlds

There is excellent versatility in this game. It ensures that the player doesn’t get bored, so it has expanded the possibilities. 

A different world with varying storylines in this game will keep your interest. Every world is different from the last one. It would be best to conquer them all to make your kingdom mighty.

How to Use Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk?

The game is easy to play, and the Mod is the same. You can download it for free from many websites on Google. Install it on your device and play it instantly. No login is required before the gameplay. And you will be given a proper demo trial to understand the game quickly.

Pro Tips for Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk

  • Play the game on maximum graphics setting to get a better experience.
  • Upgrade your idles and attacks for better attacks.
  • Teach new skills to every one of your unlocked characters.
  • Before the fight with the other team, enable the god mode for a confirmed win.
  • Explore different worlds and conquer them to expand your kingdom.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Firestone Idle RPG Available on Apple Store? 

A. This game is only available for android users. This has yet to be released for iOS devices. This means you cannot get this game on the apple store and cannot play it on iPhones.

2. How Can I Play Firestone Idle RPG On My Laptop?

A. As this game is only for the android mobile device; you can only play it on your PC or laptop using an emulator. Use the BlueStacks, as this is the best for this game. Install it and lay Firestone Idle RPG there.

3. Are There Any Alternatives to Firestone Idle RPG?

A. You can find games with a similar theme to Firestone Idle RPG on Google Play Store. There is Endless World, Progress Quest, Melvor Idle, etc. you can try these if you want to compare.


There are many games of similar style on the internet, but we suggest Firestone Idle RPG Mod Apk because this is the best. The versatility and uniqueness of this game are unmatchable. 

Different characters and modes make sure that your interest in the game doesn’t get any less. Install it now on your device ad also share it with your friends and have a fun game time together.

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