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Hello friends, how are you? Hoping all good. So, before moving ahead, I want to ask you that do you like monster collecting games? If yes, then great, as in this post, I am sharing an exciting RPG game named Evertale Mod Apk.

You all would have played monster collecting games previously, but its level is something far beyond the par. How? Just read this post till the last line.

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Evertale Mod Apk

Evertale Mod Apk is a role-playing game where you collect various monsters and try to get them in your squad. If you would have played games like Pokemon Go, then you’ll surely gonna like this game very much.

Its gameplay is like in this way – You’re kind of a trainer (known as Crestbearer) in the game, so you have to beat other monsters in order to collect them in your team.

Now, let’s understand the interesting story behind the game. So, you’re in the world of Erden that is actually a cursed place and, obviously, you have to save that world.

Now, the question arises that how you’ll collect or catch any monster?

So, the answer is simple, as you have to walk around with your device, and at some instant, a monster will pop-up. Then, you have to fight with that monster to grab it in your team.

Key Features Of Evertale Mod Apk

  1. Strategic RPG game
  2. Collect monsters
  3. Different regions
  4. Over 200 monsters
  5. Online multiplayer mode
  6. Various combats
  7. Unlimited money
  8. One hit capture
  9. 100% catching rate
  10. No ads

Download Evertale Mod Apk

Evertale Mod Apk
APK NameEvertale Mod Apk
APK Size79 MB
Current Versionv1.0.53
Requires android4.1 and up
DeveloperZigZaGame Inc.

How To Download And Install Evertale Mod Apk

  • first of all, you need to click on Download button
  • and download Evertale Mod Apk, after downloading complete install this app
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on Security
  • Search for Unknown Sources
  • Turn on by clicking it
  • Move to the folder where the downloaded file saved
  • Click on the APK file
  • Click on Install
  • It takes some time to install the APK on your phone
  • Now you can access the app from your phone

Full Features Of Evertale Mod Apk

  • Play with friends
  • Play in real-time Player vs Player leagues.
  • Users can play this game online with their friends.
  • Various multiplayer battle modes are available.
  • Players can play 4 vs 4 combat mode.
  • You can also play solo in the story mode.
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • The gameplay of Evertale Mod Apk is quite simple but with an interesting story.
  • Players have to capture monsters after beating them in battle.
  • Walk around with your android phone and monster will pop-up at any time, then just try to capture it.
  • Simple Controls
  • Controls of Evertale is plain simple.
  • Simply “tapping” on the screen can perform all the actions.
  • The virtual joystick isn’t available.
  • Various Characters
  • The game includes various characters in the form of monsters and humans.
  • Characters are divided as per their rarity.
  • Finn, Lizette, Astrid, Lucius, Yuki, Maxima, Alice, Vonn, Shirra, Fornaxos, Vesh, Druke, Grenzor, etc., are the characters included in the game.
  • Weapons and Accessories
  • In the game, you can equip various weapons and accessories.
  • The game includes weapons like the evening star, a kind of sword, etc.
  • Users can equip accessories like Red Knight Helm, Leather Raiment, etc.
  • Different accessories have a different attack power, speed, and health power.

Other Mod features of Evertale Apk

  1. Unlimited money is available.
  2. You can capture any monster with one hit.
  3. Unlock new monsters from the available money.
  4. Upgrade old weapons and accessories.
  5. No ads will be shown in the game.

Now, just download Evertale Mod Apk, and capture all monsters that pop up around you, also, do share it with your friends.

Final Word

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etc .. so comment fast, I will reply. The name of the application is Evertale Mod Apk is a role-playing game where you collect various monsters and try to get them in your squad. If you would have played games like Pokemon Go, then you’ll surely gonna like this game very much.

Public Review

Review By - Mk A
This is a very strategic game that requires a lot of forward-thinking, planning, and honestly, failing. The game has some mechanics that make it much easier to play, like how weapons level up with your heroes after battles, or lower-ranked monsters will evolve by themselves once they receive enough battle XP. Overall, it’s a really good game!
Review By - Kizuna Aoi
I like this game. There is an offline and online store. for act one you can play it offline and you can catching the monsters, you can control the character and talk with NPC. love it! for act 2, It’s an online store, In this act, We can’t control the main character like we did in Offline story and there’re no Npc and catching monsters. But, the story is still fun and it’s challenging every time I need to fight. Hard is challenging. I’m a Fgo’s player, so gacha is fine to me. [I never used money]
[Unlimited Money & Free Shopping] - Evertale Mod Apk [2020]

[1.0.53] if you love to collect various monsters and try to get them in your squad so download Evertale Mod Apk with [Unlimited Money & Free Shopping]

Price: 00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Games

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