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Northgard is a real-time strategy game that includes resource collecting and survival activities set in harsh wintery locales. Northgard is not yet available on PC. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Northgard Mod Apk is here to enable you to play your favorite game on your Android phone or tablet.


Features of Northgard Mod Apk

In this strategy game, you will create your settlement and other structures. You can also construct houses, scout houses, and other facilities. You will assign villagers to various tasks as you progress and level up in this game, including farmer, scouter, fighter, sailor, loremaster, etc. The game grows more complicated and competitive as you go through the levels.

Build Up Your Clan

You may manage your resources in the game as you expand your region. Set sail to explore the vast lands and discover uncharted territory. By acquiring land in an unknown area, you can create your clan and army. Enjoy this game with our Northgard Mod Apk, which gives you complete control over the competition!

Northgard Mod Apk unlimited Resource
Northgard Mod Apk unlimited Resource

The Best Warrior

Players can choose from 13 clans when they start the game, with seven accessible as DLC. These clans have distinct playstyles and advantages, such as the Fenrir clan’s preference for aggressive gameplay.

The benefits are centered on constructing a military force that can win through Domination or other means. On the other hand, clans like Huginn and Muninn are more concerned with business and earning Kröwns (currency).


The types, sizes, AI players, victory conditions, and map challenges can be altered. In contrast to traditional global dominance modes, my favorite addition to the editing is the numerous victory conditions, allowing players to win by gaining fame by murdering creatures or building a massive and profitable empire.

Upgrading Land and Village

The game’s rapid expansion is a welcome respite, as each new layer, from weather to battle, is introduced only recently, and users seem to enjoy it.

It slows down just enough for you to decide where you want to focus your attention in the game, whether making friends with the kobolds who recently moved in down the road or dispatching a scout to investigate the area.

Clear 3D Visuals

The game’s elements are few, but they are long and intensely detailed. Plants, animals, buildings, and characters with a vintage aesthetic perform well in a gaming environment. Rain, wind, snow, and storm effects are pretty realistic.

Like in the days of the ancient Vikings, mimicking nature’s severity. The motion of a liquid game guarantees an exceptional gaming experience for players. Giving a great look on a phone screen, a computer, or a PlayStation version.

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Northgard Mod Apk Unlocked all
Northgard Mod Apk Unlocked all

How to Download & Install Northgard Mod Apk [Full Process]

  • To download the latest version of Northgard Mod Apk, go to this website and click the download button.
  • To save storage and avoid disruptions when extracting data, uninstall any prior game versions from your phone.
  • When the download is finished, go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources >> Unknown Sources >> Toggle it on. Assume that the Google Play Store is preventing third-party downloads. Disable play protection in the Play Store app settings as a workaround.
  • Verify that your smartphone has sufficient memory and storage space.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your phone and save it there. You may look it up in My Documents.
  • Wait for it to finish installing or extracting after clicking on it.
  • The Drive Northgard APK for Android has now been installed successfully.
  • Now that you’ve opened the game, you can begin playing it without interruption.

How to Play of Northgard Mod Apk

As previously stated, we shall go over the aspects of Northgard that this game has to offer in detail. Take a look at this complete outline of Northgard’s characteristics that make this game fascinating and addictive.

You may then assign jobs to your town members such as warrior, loremaster, sailor, farmer, and more! The game makes you feel like you’re the president of a country. You’ll enjoy both administering the community and defending it from enemies!

The Mod Features of Northgard Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Pre-Unlocked Maps

How Does the Northgard Mod Apk Work?

Northgard is a game where you can command the Vikings and gain control of your clan. Here you can build your community and army. If famous Vikings in this game discover a new continent, you can choose whether or not to acquire it.

You can construct as many houses, farms, and other infrastructure as you need to ensure the existence of your village. You must use your resources properly and continue to acquire them by farming, fishing, mining, and other activities.

Build Structures and Livelihoods 

This fun and strategy game offers so many entertaining things to do that you won’t believe it. However, you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time playing the 11 campaign chapters, in which you’ll command a whole clan of Vikings.

Expand and Fight

You can enjoy building your village while fighting wild creatures, monsters, and even other humans in this game. You’ll be able to enjoy thrilling fighting and highly detailed graphics and animations.

Assign Jobs

The population of your community will increase as it grows. Farmers, villagers, sailors, loremasters, and others can be assigned occupations. You will have many opportunities to earn money today as you manage your village. To secure your settlement from attackers and deadly animals, you will require many army personnel.

Northgard Mod Apk unlocked all DLC
Northgard Mod Apk unlocked all DLC

The Top 5 Alternatives of Northgard Mod Apk

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  2. Halo Wars Mod Apk
  3. Stronghold Legends Mod Apk
  4. Age of Empires 2 Mod Apk
  5. The Settlers 2 Mod Apk

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed some common questions that beginners ask when playing Northgard.

1. How to Assign or Send a Villager to Work?

A. Select/click the villager on the map and then double-tap on the building while playing on your phone to dispatch or assign a villager to work. Send the villager to a household or a town hall if you want to restore him to his home or cease the work.

2. Which Clan is the Best to Join in the game?

A. Every clan has benefits and weaknesses and strengths and perks in various fields. This selection is based on your tastes concerning the best line. If you like to assault, the Clan of the Wolf is the one for you.

3. How Many Units Can You Get Once at a Time?

A. You can buy as many units as you want at once. As you build and improve more structures, the maximum number of soldiers you can train will increase. You are only limited by the number of facilities you can develop in your area.


Northgard has been the best PC game of all time as it is addictive and fun to play. The game’s interface is a significant reason this game is so hyped. We have attached the link to Northgard Mod Apk so that you can play it on your android device as well. However, you will struggle to control the game at first, but you will get it as you play it.

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