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You must have heard about the game GTA San Andreas. This game is the most popular in the gaming community. And today, we will tell you about an application that will help you enjoy this impressive game even more. 

Cleo Mod Apk is the one we are talking about, and it will provide you with cheat codes to use in GTA.

This app will give its user access to all the premium cheat codes and mods he can use while playing GTA San Andreas. With these codes, you can do multiple things in the game to get a better gaming experience.

Cleo Mod Apk

As a handy application, this game is really liked by gamers, and it has over a million downloads on Google Play Store. The codes and modes in Cleo Mod Apk are beneficial and accurate in terms of functioning and providing players with unlimited resources. 

You must have the game downloaded to your device to use this app. There are hundreds of features that you will learn about in this article, so keep reading. We will also guide you about the Mod version of this app to get hands-on premium services this application has for you.

The Key Features of Cleo Mod Apk

  • The interface of this app is very user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • The features and modes are divided into categories for easy access.
  • There are hundreds of valuable codes which you can use in your GTA game.
  • Change the clothes and appearance of your character in the game using this game.
  • Get any car or other vehicle in GTA San Andreas without buying it using Cleo. You can get unlimited weapons and never-ending bullets in your gameplay.
  • You can find over 200 modes in this app to use in your GTA game.
  • In one of the app’s mods, you can turn all the characters in your game into zombies and cause chaos.

What’s Inside the Mod [Premium Version]

This app could be the best and most helpful thing you can find on the internet to make your gaming experience more fun. Cleo Mod Apk will provide you with tons of new which you cannot find in the original game. Some of the items and features you get in this application are the following:

  • Unlimited amount of cash in the game.
  • Access to any vehicle you want using just a code.
  • Use the god mode to win any mission.
  • Customize your character, vehicle, or weapon.
  • Teleport from one point to another with a single click.

The Amazing Features of Cleo Mod Apk

Simple Interface

The developer has built this app for the player’s ease; for that, they have used a straightforward interface so anyone can use it easily. The users can easily operate this app and connect it to their original game. All the codes and modes are also easily categorized for the player’s ease.

Cleo Mod Apk

Cheat Codes

While playing the GTA San Andreas, you must have seen certain items or cars you wish to use, but they are costly. In Cleo Mod Apk, you can find different codes for these items. You can get any clothing, car, or vehicle for free just using a simple code.

Cleo Mod Apk

Amazing Modes

You can also find different modes in this app. They all are alternative versions of the original game with different themes. This helps you get a different gaming experience every time you use a different mode. My favourite mode is the zombie one, where you can turn every character into a zombie and cause chaos in the city.

Cleo Mod Apk

Different Game Controls

Using this app, the player will also get the option to change his control settings. Cleo Mod Apk has a separate section for the alternate controls. You can either select one of the available options or customize your own. Change them into the one you feel comfortable with while playing.


There are many customization possibilities when you use this app in your gameplay. You can change the clothes or the whole character you are playing with. There is also the car customization option in which you can make different styles and patterns on yr car. The weapons styles are also available.

How to Use Cleo Mod Apk?

The application is effortless to download on your device. And the set is also straightforward. Any person with minimal understanding can operate it efficiently. You can find it on Google Play Store and many online websites. Just download it from there and install it on your device.

Pro Tips for Cleo Mod Apk

  • No sign-ups are required to use this app.
  • Ensure you have the game installed on your device before using this app.
  • Use different cheat codes to get valuable items.
  • Play in different modes to change the gameplay of GTA.
  • Win any mission you are on using the god mode.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cleo Mod? 

A. This application provides different cheat codes and modes to play in your regular GTA San Andreas game. It will connect to your original game and give you premium services and items in your game.

2. Is Cleo Mod Apk Safe?

A. This application is not an official application. In fact, it is a third-party app developed by CraftGameDev. It can access the data in the device you are using in this application.

3. Can I Use Cleo Mod On iOS?

A. No, this app is only available for Android devices and can only work on devices above Android 5. To use it on your desktop device, you can use an emulator and use it through it.


You might have been playing the GTA San Andreas game for years, but if you have never used Cleo Mod Apk while playing it, you have missed a lot. 

The possibilities you get in your game using this app are fantastic. You will enjoy the premium experience if you once play your game using this app. We suggest you download it and share it with your friends too.

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