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Dating apps have grown steadily in recent years. Between these apps, it’s hard to know which apps to turn to meet people.

Are you looking for a dating application that is first of all outside the box? You have good hopes of finding everything you’re looking for on Bumble Apk! Many have already renamed it as Tinder’s all-female answer, and with this direct rival, it has an uncomfortable past.

So, if you are looking for the perfect crush, we will help you find someone in the Bumble Apk and maybe you will not find the love of your life.

Today in this post I will tell you about Bumble Apk. You can download Bumble Apk from the link given below in this post. With the help of which you will be able to find a better life partner for yourself. If you are interested in apps to meet girls close to you, today let’s talk about Bumble Apk.

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About Bumble Apk

Bumble Apk is the online dating app that seeks to compete with Tinder. The relationship app Bumble brings a proposal that goes beyond dating. With an optimized interface and diverse options, this app is what we call all in one. It can serve as a flirting app, friendship apps, and also as networking.

With thousands of downloads made and a multitude of evaluations, Bumble Apk brings fun and also very relaxed methods to what you are looking for.

With Bumble you have opportunities for dating, friendship, and even professional relationships, all available in one place, without the confusion of information, without a mix of searches and providing exactly what you are looking for. Ah, the application is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Bumble is sort of like the anti-tinder. Indeed, its founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd is none other than one of the co-founders of Tinder! But then, why create Tinder, and a few years later, create the app that presents itself as its direct competitor? Well, Whitney had his reasons! After suffering harassment from her male colleagues at Tinder, Whitney is packing to create a dating app that is more respectful of women. This is the origin of the concept of Bumble.

These are the faults that Whitney Wolfe Herd sought to correct, by creating Bumble Apk in 2014. This application is sometimes called the ” feminist Tinder”!

Different Modes of Bumble Apk

Bumble, at its core, is a dating app. But the application also pulls out of the game here by offering you the chance to make friendly or professional meetings.

Thus, BFF (Bumble For Friends) allows you to meet friends to widen your circle of friends. So you can see profiles scrolling and connect with other people to meet friends.

Bumble also offers Bumble Bizz: you will have the opportunity to make professional connections with people in your field of activity. You can therefore find your future mentor or your future protégé!

This is not quite what interests us here, but it should still be noted. The range of dating possibilities is really wide compared to similar apps, and that’s a good point for Bumble in our opinion.

Download Bumble Apk

Bumble Apk
FilenameBumble Apk
Uploaded Bumble Holding Limited
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+

How To Download & Install Bumble Apk

  • first of all, you need to click on Download button
  • and download this Moga Pivot Mod Apk, after downloading complete install this app
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on Security
  • Search for Unknown Sources
  • Turn on by clicking it
  • Move to the folder where the downloaded file saved
  • Click on the APK file
  • Click on Install
  • It takes some time to install the APK on your phone
  • Now you can access the app from your phone

Features of Bumble Apk

At first glance, Bumble appears to be a common dating chat. Profile with photographs, some biographical info, and a catalog of interests and preferences that allow users to better understand your passions. Here are some important features of Bumble Apk.

  • Not only for dating

By the way, many dating apps help you find a good life partner but Bimble is a little different from them. It not only focuses on your dating but here you can find a perfect partner for you, and you can increase your network with your professional friends and enjoy it.

  • Find your matches

Ever since Tinder became a worldwide sensation, dating applications have sprung up. Nowadays, within minutes you will find a date! You can date when you’re at home, on the train, or anywhere you are in the country, thanks to dating apps like Bumble.

Filter and identify the individuals that suit your desires. Millions of people are registered with the app, so you’re sure to find a match in minutes! If not, once you meet someone with whom you can have a conversation, you can keep trying.

  • Chat and video calling

The opportunity to chat with the people you match is a common feature for all dating apps. Women have 24 hours to start a conversation on this app and men have 24 hours to reply! As for the other matches, before the game ends, they are given a day to begin or respond to a conversation.

Besides that, to check that they are real and to have more intimate links, you can video chat with people you match!

How Bumble Apk works?

It is a very original app, which has made people talk about itself even. We said earlier that an application that allows women to have maximum power.

At the time of access, it is essential to activate the GPS of the phone to go and locate the different users around you.

At this point, after having obtained a mutual like and therefore a Match, it is only the fair who can make the first move.

For the first time, men are forced to stand still. Each female user has twenty-four hours to be able to do something and thus start a chat, or decide whether to contact the person concerned. Otherwise, the match will be permanently lost.

This is why the idea of ​​this application is brilliant and has been so successful: in a society where men always have to make the first move, the fair is allowed to reverse this trend.

It has a very simple and intuitive interface and provides a series of paid options, with which you can unlock the profiles to which you have expressed a preference. Also, the subscription also allows you to rr matches that have expired, and give a girl a second chance. Although, it must be said, that if he does not contact you the first time, he will hardly do so the second.

  • Creating your profile on Bumble will be very easy

every information from your Facebook profile is imported, to create an account that has basic information about your person. This includes your name, your age, your job, and your education.

Just a click and the process will start very quickly, always obtaining information that is true and reliable.

  • The free profiles have 3 possibilities to cancel the Swipe

if you are wrong and vote negatively a person who might have interested you, shake your smartphone, and repeat the vote. On the fourth attempt, however, this service will no longer be functional.

The speech changes completely in the case of Bumble BFF, and for users of the same gender, for which this rule is not applied. Let’s go straight to the chapter related to the premium subscription.

Costs and subscription of Bumble Apk

We must consider that, just as with the direct rival Tinder, even with Bumble, the basic version is already optimal, with free use of the application.

The decision to take out a subscription is a plus, it does not bother or restricts the services excessively for free users.

So an app that is born and remains free, except for some premium features: by purchasing your subscription, you can improve your experience on Bumble. You can, for example, keep Bumble Boots or buy Coins.

The first is to unlock additional features, such as the ability to see those users who have already voted positively for you (more on that in a moment). With coins, on the other hand, you can send a SuperSwipe, and make a great first impression.

What is special in the Bumble Premium version Apk?

If you subscribe to Bumble Boots Premium, you can:

  • Find out which are the users that you have voted positively.
  • Increase the affinity extension to more than 24 hours, just in case you haven’t received a response yet
  • Recreate expired attractions with other users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bumble Apk

We have to say it: we like the idea that women can decide what to do after getting a match. No user will be able to overwhelm you with messages or disturb you by sending unwanted and unwanted photos and words.

We also noticed that on the application it is possible to exchange photos, but each image retains the name of the person sending the shot.

This factor could discourage the more daring since the risk could be that of seeing personal images circulating on the Web with your name on it.

Another advantage that amuses us is the decision, for the first time, to give every woman the chance to become a hunter. And in the era of women ‘s emancipation and the pride of feminism, it seems a really interesting choice.

We also like to note that the application has been well designed so as not to become limiting towards all those users who choose to use it without investing in a subscription. It is true, however, that all the advantages we are listing are those that appeal to the female audience.

If living in the right way, Bumble will also allow men to live this experience in a fun way, appreciating the possibility of becoming prey, and thus giving up the hunter’s robes.

The pros and cons of Bumble Apk


  1. No age limit: unlike Facebook which is limited to 50 years and +, on Bumble, the categories extend to 80 years and +! And yes, love has no age.
  2. The application is intuitive, very easy to use.
  3. Strict compliance standards reassure users, who are suddenly more comfortable.
  4. Romantic, friendly, and professional encounters all in one.


The time limit pushes you to start a conversation quickly.
Lack of visible profile in some cities.
A free version that offers very few advantages.

Opinions and final thoughts on Bumble Apk

After a few days of use, we can appreciate the functions and services that are guaranteed by the use of Bumble Apk. As you may have guessed, this is not new to the online dating industry, but his idea is certainly unique.

Some users call it a copy of Tinder, but such a comment would be far too restrictive. In common with this direct rival, it certainly has easy access through Facebook, the ability to find people around you, with the use of GPS, and that sense of immediacy in making new acquaintances.

Everything else has been taken, carefully studied, and customized to make a difference. That’s why Bumble Apk is not a copy, but rather an innovation that wants to leave the first and last word to women.

It only works best for those users who find themselves living in medium to large cities. We have said that it is a widespread and well-known application, but not enough to offer a wide choice for those who reside in villages or towns.

The last note of merit is related to the security that applies to this application: every photograph that is uploaded and shared must be verified to reduce the number of fake profiles that we often find on online dating sites.

Immediate, Safe, Unique: all this Bumble and its services will be able to demonstrate its every functionality. In our experience, and our opinion it is almost impossible not to be able to do well on this platform.

But of course, the last word is always yours!

Final Word

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etc .. so comment fast, I will reply. The name of the application is Bumble Apk is the online dating app that seeks to compete with Tinder. The relationship app Bumble brings a proposal that goes beyond dating.

Public Review

Review By - Che N
I have been using this app for years, suddenly it says my pictures are too pretty so they are edited and won’t allow me to get on. It has blocked my account. I don’t know whether I need to look ugly all of a sudden. Really bad Update, Changed review to 5 stars because after they asked me to contact them, they fixed the problem when I did.
Review By - Megan Ruth
LOVE THIS APP!! The layout is really nice and easy to use! The profiles look very nice and the question prompts are a great way to get to know people! It matches you based on your interests and similarities! I’ve met a lot of like-minded, wonderful people from this app! If you using the free version it does limit your likes and some days there will only be about 5 people to swipe on. Overall I love this app!

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