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Guys, you are a Smartphone user and you want Dual apps for any application so with the help of App Cloner Premium Apk you can create multiple applications. Using App Cloner you can create and install multiple copies of your existing apps


App Cloner Premium Apk is one of the best and most popular apps to create multiple applications on one phone ( Single Phoe). With the help of this app, you can clone your all application for free and without any problem

App Cloner Premium Apk

App Cloner Premium Apk is an application that will help you create multiple copies of parallel activities right on a smartphone. For example, before you need to log in to another Instagram account, other than your account you will have to log out. With “App Cloner Pro Apk,” users simply create an Instagram clone and then log in to the account that they want to activate.

Guys copies application run without hanging problems or any issues, so guys if you want to create multiple applications and you want to use multiple social media accounts so this app is for you Download App Cloner Premium Apk

Today the mobile application is available to meet all kinds of needs around the world. Many Gaming Smartphones are being made today which have a good processor and with that, you can also multitask. This means that you can operate many different applications at the same time. In today’s time, there are many tasks that require you to have two similar apps, for example, you may need 2 Facebook accounts, so you can run it on the smartphone at the same time. For this, I have brought a special type of App for you called App Cloner. 

Using App Cloner, you can create and install multiple copies of existing applications. The cloned application runs in parallel and works independently from the original application. They will not receive automatic updates so along with the original application, you can maintain and run a stable version. 

This application has been removed from Google Play so you cannot download it directly. There may be some minor issues between its publisher and Google. Although you can still find an app called App Cloner Premium on Google Play, it is only a module to activate the premium account of this application. For this, we have brought the Cracked Version of App Cloner Premium Apk for you, so that you can enjoy its premium features for free. You can download App Cloner Premium Apk from this website. 

The app cloner cracked version is a very powerful application cloning users. Users can use this software to open and double open applications, as well as application locking and other functions, allowing you to manage multi-account software better. It is easy to clone third-party applications, just a simple clone can generate a separate installation package and install it, and you can have two applications with exactly the same functions. Of course, to distinguish, you can change a name or change the style and color of the icon, and then you can generate a new installation package! 

If you want, caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording so download – Truecaller Premium Apk

App Cloner Mod Apk

  • with the help of App Cloner, cloned apps run in parallel and work independently from their original apps. They will not receive automatic updates so you can keep and run a stable version alongside the original app.
  • App cloning can be helpful for simultaneously using multiple logins in apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc
  • Guys with the cloned applications you can change the app name and icon. you can also remove permission or allow a cloned app to be installed on the SD-card
  • You can disable auto-start and wake-locks and this is the best feature to convert your app into a floating window app.
  • With the help of App Cloner Mod Apk, you can extend a cloned app to add more features like- password protection, incognito mode, hiding the Android ID, or spoofing locations
  • Some apps detect & prevent cloning. Google & Play games logins don’t work. This is because the new apps are signed with a different certificate

App Cloner Pro Apk

App Cloner Pro Apk is an android application that generates genuine, self-contained replicas that are installable.

Cloned applications run in parallel with their original versions and function independently. They will not be updated automatically, allowing you to maintain and operate a current version following the existing software.

While app cloning can be advantageous for concurrently using several login credentials in applications like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You may customize the app’s title and icon. You can disable permissions or enable the installation of a cloned program on the Memory card. You can turn off auto-start and wake-lock features. Alternatively, turn your application into a floating window application.

Applies to is the developer of App Cloner. At the moment, this software is entirely free. This app is available on Google Play for Android 4.0.3+. Create and install duplicates of applications.

Why Use App Cloner Premium Apk

In-play store, a lot of application for cloning app but after installing these applications your smartphone is slow down and all application is Big size ( in MB ) App Cloner Premium Apk is the best and only 16 MB and this application is easy to use so Download App Cloner Premium Apk

If you want to Disable repackage information then download Package Disabler Pro Apk

Key Features Of App Cloner Premium Apk

  • Change the names and icons of clones
  • Flip icon – Flip horizontally, flip vertically
  • Rotate icon with -> -180°, 180°
  • Add Badge
  • You can replace your icon
  • Privacy Option
  • Display Option
  • Navigation options
  • launching options
  • networking options
  • notification options
  • Android TV & wear OS options
  • Automation options
  • Developer options
  • Cloning options

there are many more features so Guys if you want to know the details of all features and you want to video for how to use App Cloner Premium Apkso I have explained all the features below and have also shared the video on how to use it.

How To Clone App with App Cloner

  1. Firstly open App Cloner Premium Apk
  2. then select an app ( which app you want to clone )
  3. After selecting an app, you can see many more features then set the features which you want
  4. Then click on Right Button
  5. After Processing App is cloned
  6. Enjoy

Full Features Of App Cloner Premium Apk

#1 Privacy options

  • Password-protect apps, including Stealth mode
  • Fake calculator app
  • Disable access to contacts, calendar, call log & clipboard
  • Exclude app from recent
  • Incognito mode for apps
  • Exit app on screen off
  • Change or hide Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC
  • Randomize build props to prevent device fingerprinting
  • Hide Wi-Fi info, hide SIM & operator info, etc

#2 Display option

  • Change status, navigation, and toolbar colors
  • Allow dark mode (Android 10)
  • Change the rotation lock
  • Modify views & replace text on the screen
  • Change the app display size, language & default font
  • Keep screen on, immersive mode
  • Floating apps & free-form windows
  • Multi-window & picture-in-picture support, etc

#3 Media options

  • Mute volume on start
  • Mute for the screen on text
  • Start sound
  • Disable cameras & mic
  • Disable Chromecast button
  • Show on secondary display
  • Fake camera
  • Volume rocker locker & indicator

#4 Navigation options

  • Confirm app exit
  • Long-press Back & fingerprint sensor actions
  • Shake to exit app
  • Popup blocker
  • Block activities
  • Fingerprint sensor & volume key actions

#5 Storage options

  • Allow apps to be installed on SD-card
  • Redirect external storage
  • Clear cache on exit

#6 Launching options

  • Remove widgets, app icons
  • Disable auto-start
  • Disable app defaults

#7 Networking options

  • Disable mobile data & background networking
  • SOCKS proxy

#8 Notification options

  • Notification filter
  • Silence notifications
  • Change notification color

#9 Automation options

  • Set brightness & mute on start
  • Do Not Disturb, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth controls.

Guys, Not all apps can be cloned! Cloned apps may crash, show errors or work incorrectly.

Features that depend on the app certificate like Google account logins, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive backup, or in-app purchases WILL NOT WORK!

Some apps that CAN NOT be cloned:

• Most Google apps
• Evernote
• Grab
• Kodi
• OneDrive
• Skype for Business
• Hello
• WeChat
• WhatsApp
• YouTube


so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problems regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etc.. so comment fast, and I will reply. App Cloner Premium Apk is one of the best and most popular apps to create multiple applications on One phone ( Single Phoe). With the help of this app, you can clone all your application for free and without any problem

Download App Cloner Premium Apk V2.16.7 [100% CLONE] All Unlocked

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