AdGuard Premium Apk is a best apk for ads blocker of all application that you are running in your android device, with the help of this app you can block all ads that pop up on any apk or application, so do you get tired of all these ads always popping up if you do all you have to do is install this apk and its gonna stop all the different ads

All you have to do us install AdGuard Premium Apk, turn it on and it will block all and every advertisement, so if you know how to download, hoe top use or how to setup Adguard Mod Apk so read this all pose.

You Know, AdGuard is unique apk because this app run without root, this apk remove all ads in apps and browser without root, so if you irritate in a lot of ads so this apk for you download now. AdGuard Content Blocker is an app that will block all ads only in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser without requiring you to root your device. AdGuard Content Blocker doesn’t block ads in any other apps.

AdGuard Premium Apk

Key Features Of AdGuard Premium Apk

  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Based on Premium version
  • Encrypted all resources
  • Languages: En, Ru
  • Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.
  • Checks a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.
  • Checks apps downloaded from unknown sources.
  • No-Root
  • Apps management
  • Filtering Log
  • Monitor Battery Usages

there are many more features so Guys if you want to know the details of all features and you want to video for how to use AdGuard Premium Apk so I have explained all the features below and have also shared the video how to use it.

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Download AdGuard Premium Apk

AdGuard Premium Apk
AdGuard Premium Apk
APK Name AdGuard Premium Apk
APK Size  16.06 MB
Current Version 3.3.81
Installs 5 M+
Requires android 4.1 and up
Mod Free


How To Install And Use AdGuard Premium Apk

  • Uninstall the previous version of Memrise Premium APK if you have already installed.
  • Download the file directly into your Android Phone or you can download it in your computer and then copy it to your Phone and run installer
  • Give permission to unknown source app installation from settings.

  • Download the Memrise Pro APK file from the download link given below: That’s it. Enjoy Pro version with Full version and you are registered with License Key.
AdGuard Pro Apk
AdGuard Pro Apk

Full Features Of AdGuard Premium Apk

1. Apps Management 

Guys, With the helo of apps management you can manage your all apps, and with these features, you can see how to much data tis application has used and how many ads requests have been received and how many have been ads blocked.

here you can see- Total Requests, Blocked ads, Blocked Counters and trackers, Blocked threats, Data Saved, etc

AdGuard Premium Apk Latest
AdGuard Premium Apk Latest

2. Filtering Log

it displays the web traffic of your device. different types of events are highlighted with different colors.

  • Green indicates whitelisted event
  • Red is for events blocked by Adguard
  • Yellow means that the event was modified by Adguard

Guys if you know any event details so Tap on event to show its details

AdGuard Mod Apk
AdGuard Mod Apk

3. Battery Usage

When Adguard is on, battery and data usage statistics don’t reflect the situation. Due to app filtering, android attributes other apps consumption to Adguard. As a result, Adguard consumption is overestimated

AdGuard Premium Apk 2019
AdGuard Premium Apk 2019

4. Setting Details

A. General Settings

 In general, settings are basic features like:-

  • Change App Theme Light And Dark
  • You can set Adguard Auto Start
  • Check for new updates
  • set your language, here a lot of language
  • also set notification settings
  • import/export settings

B. Content Blocking

here you can set these:-

  • Filter everything including page content
  • Block Ads in all Apps – if this option is enabled, Adguiard filters the traffic of all application otherwise it filters only browser traffic
  • Whitelists
  • User Filter- Events blocked or whitelisted via filtering log also end as rules here

C. DNS Filtering

Domain Name System servers are the internet equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to internet protocol(IP) Addresses

D. Stealth Mode

Stealth mode module protects your identity and personal information from thousands of online trackers, here are 3 types of Stealth Mode:-

  1. High
  2. Ultimate
  3. Custom

E. Browing Security

in browsing security, you can see 2 features:-

  1. Phishing and Malware Protection – check web pages our phishing and malware filters
  2. Help Us with browsing security development

F. Extensions

With the help of Extension, Adguard can extend websites functionality working as a cross-browser userscript manager

What’s New

  • Fixed issues with downloading large files (including Google Play updates)
  • Improved handling of TCP connections
  • Also Added summary field to “Low-level settings”
  • Added “pref.vpn.capture” preference to Low-Level Settings section
  • Fixed an issue with applying “Low-level preferences”
  • Alos Fixed an issue with DNS cache in manual proxy mode
  • Icons cache moved to app cache

Conclusion Of Premium Apk

so, guys, I am sure you understand my post, if any problem regarding Download, Install, Not Work, etcc.. so comment fast, I will reply. AdGuard Premium Apk is a best apk for ads blocker of all application that you are running in your android device

So, friends, I have told you everything about this app, if you have any questions, then you can comment on us If you liked this app, then click on the download button and download this app.

Public Review:- 

Review By – Jai Nitai Gauranga das

By Jai Nitai Gauranga. All I can say is that I switched to the ‘Samsung browser’ so that I could use this ‘Adguard Content Blocker’. It works so well that certain sites get upset that their intrusive ads are no longer visible. LG V30 running Android 8.0 on T-mobile. Jai Nitai Gauranga.

Review By – Jim C

Makes the internet experience so much more enjoyable. Customizable to allow pop-ups from trusted sites that you need them on. I have this on my pc browsers as well as on my phone.


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